Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some of the boys that are available for flock sires...

First of all, I apologize for the long absence.  Little 'Half-pint' died after four days and it was very hard on me.  He was such a little fighter.  So tiny though.   You should have seen the joy radiate from Princess & Rocky when they were finally turned out with the rest of the flock and could run and jump and play.  Even I had to smile.

Thanks to my niece, Brandi, I was able to catch a ride to Georgia and spent a week with my Beautiful Baby Girl!  THAT was just what the doctor ordered... 
On the other hand, Princess finally had her lamb and it is a beautiful, moorit, ewe lamb.  Name yet to be determined ~ any suggestions???

She's certainly not a ram lamb but Princess's little girl is for sale!
Kiss is being a wonderful mom to her remaining ram lamb,  Rocky, who is growing like a weed.

"On the Rocks" is a nicely put together, very flashy (and arrogant!) HST ram lamb shown here at 2 weeks of age.  He has very widely spaced horns and his topline is super level.   His legs are squarely set, tail is a correct Shetland tail and his fleece is soft and very uniform with a moderate crimp throughout.

Another gorgeous ram lamb that is looking for his own harem is:
"Bluff Country Bacardi"

Like his sire (Bluff Country Polar Bear), Bacardi just keeps getting better and better!  A triplet (Destiny x Polar Bear), Bacardi is one of the largest lambs here, yet he is very refined and elegant looking! 

Bacardi's brother (shown with their sister, Karma), "Angus" is a jaw droppingly gorgeous, black ram lamb.

Such a "Macho Man Ram"!
Unfortunately, he is not easy to get decent pictures of!
You really have to see this guy in person to appreciate his awesome conformation and fleece.  He is stunning.

If you've been waiting for an HST ram lamb with fine, crimpy fleece, wait no more!
Bluff Country Jim Beam is a moorit & white, HST ram lamb with lovely, uniform, crimpy fleece from neck to tail!

JB's horns look awesome and his confirmation is flock sire quality.   I will try to get more full body shots of this guy ~ he's a bit of a velcro-boy with his twin sister, Brandy.   Brandy is sold.

Not looking for a moorit HST? 
How about SHAELA ?

"Bluff Country Jack Daniels"
(Dazzle x Echo)
Twin to Captain Morgan (mioget HST)

Not the best photos, but JD is definitely someone to consider if you like the idea of modified colors and HST.  He appears to have aberrant horns and has bumped one horn slightly back.  It may very well break off at some point. 

(Captain Morgan is sold and will be leading the good life as flock sire in Arizona!)

Don't forget that the sire to most of this year's lambs is also for sale:
"Bluff Country Polar Bear"
(Bluff Country Angel *white* x B.C.  Echo *black & white, HST)

Solid color rams (and ewes) are $300
HST rams are $400
save $100 when you purchase 2 rams!

DREAM says...



  1. First let me say I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Your heart must have indeed been heavy.
    I have always dreamed of having a flock of sheep and clipping them for their wool and then spinning it myself. It must be a wonderful life! I hope you do well selling your little rams and again my heart goes out to you for little half-pint.
    Tina xo

  2. I want one!!!
    Priority Mail maybe????

  3. Such great lamb photos, Nancy. I have been AWOL from Shetland blog land for such a long time, but wanted you to know that I hope you're continuing on your road to recovery. I look forward to hearing more of your future plans. :)

  4. Sorry about Half Pint...But glad you were able to hitch a ride to see your daughter in GA for a whole wonderful.

    All your boys are so pretty, I hope they find good homes soon...OMGosh Polar Bear is stunning...I love his pose in the first photo of him.

    Take care

  5. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I'm sorry to hear about Half-Pint, I knew he'd be a fighter and I'm glad Princess came through and gave you a beautiful little baby herself as well. Those ram lambs are so beautiful and so are Brandi and Karma - can't wait to see the rest of the ewes! They all grow so fast. Did Dream, Chance, and Flash Dance get bred?


  6. Hello Nancy!! I'm glad you did what the doctor ordered and got away for a few days!! I do hope you're doing well, and I think that anyone that is lucky enough to have any of your sheep are pretty lucky!! :-))

  7. This has got to be a hard time for you. I hope the transition goes well and that your new direction brings you some peace and happiness .
    The sheep are really lovely. I'm sure they will all find good homes.
    Take care.

  8. Cinderella is my name suggestion for Princess's little girl

  9. Thank you everyone for the good thoughts. Chance is definitely pregnant and I have no idea when she is due. Dream is NOT pregnant. I keep going back and forth with her but have finally decided that she did not settle.

    Jill, I like the name Cinderella but I was hoping for something that stayed with the alcoholic beverage theme. I thought about 'Tia Maria' as that sounds feminine to me. I was trying to think of something that brings in the moorit color...

  10. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Finally, after 2 hrs with Tech. Support, we are hooked up to the Internet at Glen Tamarack Farm! The garden is in, house is making progress, and we're liking the "retired" life--most noticable so far is our far better quality and quantity of sleep! Glad your trip went well. Please give our girls, our wether, and Hero a hug!

    Our new e-mail is glentam@centurylink. net

    It seems to be working.

    Terry and Russ

  11. Hey Nancy - I'm glad I read back a few posts - I'd forgotten that your sis was having a Pampered Chef Fund Raiser for you and I had wanted to order a couple of things. Order complete - Yay!

    I hope little Half Pint is doing OK. Remember Wicket? He was only 2.5# when he was born and he is a big bruiser now - took a couple of days for his mom to take to him too...

    Take care of yourself! XOX T.

  12. Hi Nancy,
    I was glad to see this post, as I was beginning to wonder what was going on! So glad you got to take a trip to see your daughter. Much needed to get away I'm sure. Sorry to hear about Half Pint. It's never ever easy to lose one. Love your rams. Esp. like JD and the two white rams. (Father and son). Lovely, lovely boys.
    Take care,

  13. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Isn't there a rather strong drink called a "Mississippi Mud Slide" that would bring in the Moorit for Princess's little girl?

    Terry (Mississippi Maude perhaps? ;>)

  14. I'm sorry Terry, but our little Moorit angel is MUCH to precious to be named "Maude" OR Mud! NOT that there's anything wrong with the name Maude ~ she was one of my favorites on "The Golden Girls"!

    I'm looking for a name more delicate ~ like "Tia Maria". Yup. That's it! Bluff Country Tia Maria. I don't remember what it is, but somewhere back in my bartender days (MANY years ago) I seem to recall there was either a drink or a liquor called "Tia Maria". There better be cuz that's my sheep's name now!

    Sweltering in the Bluff Country...



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