Saturday, April 30, 2011

She's Home!

"Mom's finally home from the hospital!"

Dream's right, I am finally home.  For someone who hates to be away from home for more than a couple of hours, this past week was NOT fun.  We won't even talk about the pain and multiple surgeries...

Of course, the first thing that I just had to do when I got home was to go out and see my sheep.  Well, it was the first thing that I did after I pealed Bella and Sable off of me.

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to see my beautiful Destiny and her triplets!
Two handsome boys:

I call this one "Angus" ~ he's gorgeous!

And their most irresistible little sister:

Who has completely captured my heart!

The rest of he girls were apparently waiting for me to come home.  I got home around seven o'clock, Thursday night and Godiva had twin ewe lambs at nine o'clock!!!

more later ~ I'm going to go check on the girls and take some pictures of Godiva and her babies...

(it's so good to be home)
There's no place like home
There's no place like home
There's NO PLACE like home!

DREAM says...

"It's a good thing you're back, Mom.  Some of the girls weren't sure they could wait much longer!  That Alice sure is stubborn ~ she wasn't about to have her babies when you weren't here..."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Yawn!  Wake UP! We're going on an adbentur!

 Hehehehe!  Ring around my mommy!

 Oh! What's this?  I think Santa dropped it.

 Hi fuzzy lady!  Mama says to call you Gramma!

 I'm in Katie's car!  Just ME, not Sable.  (That's cause Katie said Sable puked all over her car.  I think it's because she likes me best.)  I won't puke.  Maybe I can drive, too!  Can I?  Please?

 I like this store!  The lady gave me a treat.  Everyone is so nice here; they all stop to pet me and tell me what a beautiful girl I am.

 Come this way, Katie!  I smell something good.

 Oh! Can I have one? Pleeeeeeeease?!   Yea!  She said yes, but I have to get one for Sable, too.  That's OK.  It is only fair.
 Katie went in to the store to get some croissants.  She promised to share.  I don't know what a croissant is, but I'll bet they taste good!

Dreamer says, "Excuse me?!   Where's MY adventure?"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The rest of Destiny's triplets

Hi!  There's been a shift change in the Bluff Country.  Nancy's sister Penny has to work for  the next few days, so I, MN Katie, have taken over temporarily.  There are no more lambs yet in the Bluff Country, and no one seems to be showing the least amount of interest in even thinking about lambing. (I think Penny made them all promise to only lamb on days that she is here!  LOL!)

I went in to see Nancy this afternoon, and she is doing well, although she'd much rather be home.  She does have computer access at the hospital, so she is able to read blog comments and emails.

Destiny's black ram lamb:

Destiny's white ram lamb (he reminds me of Bear, but he is not quite as pink as Bear was):

Destiny's little white ewe lamb, who is the daintiest, sweetest little girl:

More updates in the coming days! 

Destiny's Triplets

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farm Friend Friday...

I had such good intentions of posting everyday this week.  Unfortunately, it's been one crisis (health) after another, all week long.  I'm praying that things will start looking up tomorrow. 

I did manage to get out and get pictures of my sheep!
Since this is my 'Farm Friend Friday" post,  I thought I'd show you some 'farm friends'...

* As always, click on any image to biggify *

Zaria and Sable continue to be best buddies.

I think Bella would like to join in on the fun.  There's someone standing in the background who looks a little lonely, as well...

My wild and crazy rams!

I LOVE this picture of Bear! 

You'd never know that these rams are going to be 'daddies' any day!

Have a happy weekend, Everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I live in the state of DENIAL...

There will be no CURRENT (as in taken today) photos of Alice today.  Probably none tomorrow either.  You'll have to make do with pictures taken on Sunday.  Yes, I know she's bigger.  But nature has conspired to keep me from taking any photographs until the freaking snow stops and  Spring returns!

I let the sheep out on the hill behind my big barn, the other day.  The grass was much longer than that in the pasture and I thought they'd enjoy the treat.

I was right about that!

Nothing like a little green grass, blue sky and sunshine to finish off those lambs!

Everybody loves Spring!

Chance and Destiny on the hillside:

Shetlands are "hill sheep", you know.

Dazzle is really blossoming.

Poses like this could make me nervous!

But she was just enjoying the warm, SPRING  weather.

DREAM  says...

"Sn**?  What sn**?  There is no sn** in the Bluff Country after March.  Mom even said so!  All I know is that it's a good thing Mom took lots of pictures on Sunday.  She'll have a chance to use most of them over the next couple of days!"

That's right, Dreamer:  no sn**!
And my arm doesn't hurt either...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Alice Watch ~ Final Countdown?

Destiny & Alice
Destiny is Alice's daughter. 
They both had triplets last year.

I have a dentist appointment this morning.

Physical therapy this afternoon.

So just a quick post ~ to keep you posted!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Ramblings...

Last weekend it was 80 degrees and we had tornadoes. 

Today, it is snowing. 
But there will be NO PICTURES  of that.

It is Spring.

The grass is slowly  turning green.

Speaking of slow...

The "Alice Watch" is under way.

It's been so warm that some of the girls are starting to roo!

Dream actually seemed to enjoy me gently 'plucking' the loose wool from her back and shoulder.

Everyone's just hanging out.

And getting fat.

I start Physical Therapy on Monday.
I'm NOT looking forward to that!

I need to sell the Piggles.

Has anyone ever had a "Stereotactic-guided Core Needle  (breast) Biopsy"?  It appears that I need to have one.  I'm not as concerned about the actual procedure as I am about discomfort afterwards.  The material the doctor sent me home with makes it sound like I'm going to be pretty sore for up to several weeks! 

Like I haven't had enough pain already...

DREAM says...

"We'll get you through it, Mom."

You always do, Dreamer. 
You always do.


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