Friday, July 30, 2010

Better late than never
Meet "Bluff Country Sizzling Summer"

I guess my name is "Sizzle",  at least that's what the lady calls me.  

I just got borned yesterday.

The lady said that my Mom waited a LONG time to have me but that she did a very good job and had me all by herself ~ with no help at all!  I don't know why she would need any help.  I did all the work!

All my Mom did was lick me 

and lick me 
and lick me some more!

I think Mom was afraid the lady wouldn't like me if I was dirty cuz when she found us the lady picked me up and carried me outside, right away.  She said it was too dirty for me to be borned in a barn! 

I don't know what that means
(cuz I'm just a new little lamb)
but I sure like it outside!  There's all sorts of neat stuff to see.

 (Do you see what I mean about the licking thing?)
You'd think her tongue would get sore!

Of course, I didn't really mind.  In fact, it felt good!
Even after I was all clean and beauteous, my Mom would still lick me every chance she got.  
I think she does it cuz she loves me.

Finally, I was perfect enough that my Mom didn't have to lick me anymore.
Don't I look beauteous? 

The lady said I'm beauteous. 

I think I'm beauteous too!

 One other REALLY nice thing that my mom did 
was show me where to get something to drink.  I was getting pretty hungry 
but I didn't know where to find food! 

My Mom is SO nice! 
She showed me right where to go.  MMMMMM!  That was GOOD!

After my tummy was fulled, I was ready to go sploring.

My Mom sure didn't like that idea!
She made funny, grunty noises and runned right after me.

The lady said my Mom was 'Poor Flash Dance'
What ever that means.

Hey ~ LOOK!
The grass is greener over on that side!
I wanted to check it out but my mom said 'not now'.
That's OK.  I was getting kind of tired, anyway.

I think my mom was too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is SO Hot...

Even the sheep are sweating!

OK so maybe they're not really sweating but Alice's daughters, "Princess" (left) and "Duchess"  are damp.  It's from the morning dew.  We get so much dew around here that it keeps the pastures green, even during a drought!

Alice's son, "Duke" enjoys the cooler morning temperatures
He is such a handsome ram lamb!

I definitely want to keep one of Alice's girls.
That's Princess on the left and Duchess coming at the camera.

I just can't make up my mind which one!

I do SO love my Princess...

Duke says...

"Hey!  What about ME?"

"What am I?"

"Chopped Liver???
Of course not, Duke!  You're a very handsome ram lamb and there is already someone very much in love with you.  You may be moving to a new home very soon...

Dream says...

"Maybe THEN Flashdance and I will have our babies!
That's right ~ we're just waiting 'till there's
more room!"

(I'm still not even sure that she's pregnant!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Sheep ~ Silly Sheep ~ Sunday Thoughts...

A simple post today.
Just pretty pictures of pretty sheep...

"Bluff Country Serendipity"
She has the softest fleece of all the lambs.  
It's like silk!  She's also a real lover.

Speaking of lovers...
"Bluff Country Storm Warning" has totally stolen my heart!  
He is absolutely gorgeous and I love his fleece ~ both color and handle.
His tail is a bit long for a breeding ram so I've decided that I will wether him and keep him as a fiber pet!  That means that I can spoil him and snuggle him as much as I want!

Another handsome ram lamb ~ this one suitable for breeding:
"Bluff Country Chrome"
 Chrome is growing into quite the nice boy. 
His horns are looking awesome and
he looks like he'll be modified so he will probably be Shaela!

Silly Sheep:

Chrome and Godiva's HST ram lamb,
"Bluff Country Jazz",
checking out Daisy who was taking a nap in the grass...

At first, Chrome tries to play it cool.

He slowly edges nearer, feigning nonchalance.

Until finally,
He's close enough to touch her!

She LIKES him!

Unfortunately for "Jazz"
every time he got close to Daisy, she batted him away!

Poor Jazz!

Maybe he should try saying a prayer...
(Sunday thoughts)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I do believe that we left someone out...

Godiva's boys!

Godiva had her twin ram lambs WAY back on June 29th and I don't believe I've ever even done a post about them!

As you can see, Godiva blessed us with a black & white, HST and a black (with a splash of white on his head) boys who both have the solid conformation and lovely fleece that I've come to expect from Godiva's lambs.

I haven't named this handsome dude yet
but isn't he gorgeous?

So is his twin brother!

These are REALLY nice ram lambs!

They're both looking for flocks to call their own...

Contact me for more information.

If you're looking for a correctly built ram with four straight & square legs, level topline, nicely set neck, a typey head with great earset and a classic Shetland fluked tail AND you love intermediate fleece with density, soft crimp, nice length and a pleasingly soft handle, one of these boys might just be the ram for you...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trying to Beat the Heat

Destiny's triplets

The humidity levels have been ridiculously high (93 percent as I write this) in the Bluff Country.  Which makes for miserable days and foggy nights.  I got up this morning just in time to catch a few photos of the sheep before the fog lifted.

Destiny's handsome son, "Tumbleweed".
He is absolutely gorgeous!

Tumbleweed reminds me very much of "Skittles".

Alice and Destiny relaxing with their triplets.

Chance and Serendipity stay pretty close together now that Charm  has gone off to her new home.

What a beautiful morning!

I even held down a branch so the ewes and lambs could have a treat.

Alice wasn't too thrilled with having to share.

By 8:30, the fog was lifting...

Most of the girls went back to the coolness of the barn.
  Leaving me out there to swelter.

DREAM says...

"Don't worry. 
 You'll be the first to know!"

(not even close!)

P.S.  I'm adding a new link to my side bar.  It will take you to my "Backyard Chickens" column.  I don't mean to be pathetic but I get paid by the number of visitors to my Examiner site.  If you'd like to see what I'm writing about (and help me out at the same time!) please visit.
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