Monday, November 29, 2010

The 2010-2011 Breeding Season has begun,
and We're going to have some FUN....

Instead of me doing all the work and detailing what took place in the Bluff Country yesterday, I thought I'd let Dream tell it,  through YOUR voices!

Who's feeling brave?

Go ahead.

Make up the story!

Dream's helping you out.

I know,

There are an awful lot of pictures.

You don't have to make a caption for every-single one!

Often, the pictures tell the story, themselves.

But it's FUN to make up the dialog that goes along.

Go ahead...
Give it a try.

Don't be scared!

Just think:

What would DREAM say???


Sunday, November 28, 2010

She's done:
My very first needle-felted PIG!


Porsha is my first attempt at needle felting a pig over a bar of goat milk soap.

Porsha's body is felted around a big, oval shaped bar of "Lavendar' goat milk soap.  So, she smells heavenly! 

I've added her to my store at  "Sheep Hugs & Soap Suds" 

DREAM says...

"You have GOT to be kidding me!"
"At least Mom didn't enter any PIG pictures in the photo contest!
Don't forget to cast your vote for  the "Ewes in the Mist" photograph.
The last day to vote is Tuesday, the 30th, and I know it would make Mom really happy if you voted every day 'till then!"


Saturday, November 27, 2010

What the Flock I've been up to...

I've been busy needle-felting!
I've made up a bunch of "Bubbles" and "Hugs" to fill orders from my on-line store,  "Sheep Hugs & Soap Suds".  Bubbles is the one with the curls (bubbles) on top of her head and Hugs has the  heart on her side.  They both are  needle felted around a bar of homemade goat milk soap!  Sales have been going VERY well.  I'll be mailing out a bunch of orders on Monday, so if you've ordered something from me, you can expect to receive it, this coming week.

I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my daughter, Pam, and her husband and boys.  While visiting with Pam & her in-laws, I finished needle-felting an adorable PIG.  It turned out so cute!  I'll post photos soon.  I have to get it listed in my store later today.  I have to think of a name for her as well.  She is also needle-felted around a bar of homemade goat milk soap.  Can you tell I'm having fun with those? 

I just took the pork-princess's tail off of the knitting needle that I had wrapped it around to make it curl and it turned out so adorable!  I have to go put it on her...
Name suggestions are welcomed!
Pictures later!

DREAM says...

"A PIG?"

Because they're CUTE, Dreamer!
You don't own the patent on cute, you know...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.

A prayer of thanks-giving...

For food in a world where many walk in hunger,

 for faith
in a world where many walk in fear,

for friends in a world where many walk alone.

And for Family,

be they near or far away.

We give humble thanks.

DREAM says...

"Oh, YUCK!!!  Dog slobber!"

Wishing each and every one of you
 ~ and your families and loved ones ~
a Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and with love.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ram lambs, "Echo" (HST) and "Bear" (white)
are patiently (?) awaiting the day that they each get put in with their own group of ewes.
I must admit, they're being very good boys.

Which is precisely why I've decided to only use ram lambs for breeding and NOT keep any mature rams on my property. 

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for me to add some new items to "SHEEP HUGS & SOAP SUDS", my on-line store, your wait is over:

Hugs is the newest, needle felted sheep-soap and she looks just like the primitive sheep on my logo!  Everyone knows that sheep are flock animals and you can't keep just ONE ~ so Bubbles now has Hugs to keep her company.  One thing that I have discovered about the needle-felted sheep-soap is that also make delightful air-fresheners and sachets!  The fragrant  soap, within the adorable felted sheep contains a long lasting scent that smells wonderful!

I've also added a couple of GIFT BASKETS that contain adorable stuffed bears and homemade goat milk soap!

And, last night, I made up a 'special order' of Grapefruit scented goat milk soap.

Boy!  Does THAT smell good!

Keep waiting (and watching) as I add new items to the store, almost daily.

Speaking of waiting:  I can't wait to see the results of the PHOTO CONTEST that I entered.  I hope that you're remembering to VOTE for your favorite photograph, every day!

To vote for one of my entries, which I would be OH-SO grateful for ~ since first prize is five hundred dollars ~ just click on the photo below, that you like best, and it will take you right to the place where you cast your vote!  It just takes a brief, moment of your time and increases my chances of being a winner!

Vote for your choice:

"Sheep in the Mist"

"Chicken Nuggets"

I want to thank all of you who have been voting and I sincerely hope that those of you who haven't voted, WILL! 

DREAM says...

"I think you're already a winner, Mom.  After all, you have ME!"

Of COURSE, Dreamer!
  You are most definitely correct ~ as usual!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's wrong with THIS Picture???

DREAM is quite happy to know that quite a few people have contacted me to tell me that they are voting for the "Ewes in the Mist" picture in the photo contest that I entered. 

But she's NOT happy that I haven't entered a picture of her!

Apparently, Dream and Alice were discussing the unfairness of it all, while snacking on pumpkins this morning...

"I wasn't complaining!  It was all DREAM!"

DREAM says...

"Not ME!  I never complain!"
In fact, I'll be a real "happy camper" if everyone remembers to VOTE for the "Sheep in the Mist" picture that Mom entered in the Photo contest!  We're gonna kick the chickens tail feathers!!!"

Thank you to all of you who have voted and even posted my entries to your blogs and Facebook pages!  Please remember to vote again!  You can vote once a day, EVERY DAY, from now 'till November 30th!  Don't forget to remind your friends too!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Splitting the vote?

I've added "Ewes in the Mist" to my entries in the

It is one of my all-time  favorite photos and  several people suggested that I enter it.  My only concern is that by entering Ewes in the Mist  I could actually decrease my chances of winning by splitting the votes that I might receive.

Yesterday, I entered a series of photos of Star with three, day old chicks in a basket

This photo contest is set up such that it's not necessarily the "best" photograph that will win (five-hundred dollars!),  rather it will be the photo that gets the most VOTES!

So, once again, I am asking you, dear readers, to help me out!  If you would just click on one of the links in this post, it will take you to my contest entry.  Chose which photo you like the best and don't forget to vote every day from now, until November 30!  Since, everyone can only vote once a day, I suggest that you pick your favorite and vote for that one, every day.    And don't forget to share this with your friends!

DREAM says...

"I KNEW it!  Finally, the truth comes out.  It's the sheep against the chickens!"

It is NOT the sheep against the chickens, Dreamer! 
It's simply a matter of what photograph people like better ~ NOT which animal.

To encourage everyone to vote ~ if, by some miracle, I should actually win the contest, I will offer a BIG  give-away on each of my blogs

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've entered a CONTEST.
First prize is $500.00!

I've entered a "Country Animals" photo contest
It's through "Living the Country Life" and first prize is Five Hundred Dollars.
Now, THAT would buy a lot of soap-making supplies1

One can enter up to eight photos.
This is the first one I entered.  I tried to tell a little story with my first four pictures.

The contest is decided by VOTES  from the public.

Everyone gets one vote, each day.

I'm thinking of entering another photo or two.
Want to help me decide which ones?
The only problem with entering more is that it could potentially split MY votes and lower my chances of winning.

DREAM says...

"Clearly, we need some Sheep photos in this contest!!!"

Any suggestions?
Please follow the link and VOTE.
Remember, you can vote for one, EVERY  DAY  through Nov. 30.  The winner will be decided by the number of votes, so please don't forget me and please share this with YOUR friends!


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