Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out Like a Lamb...

We still have a couple of months before any lambs will be born in the Bluff Country but I am just thrilled at the wonderful weather we are having.  It's March 30th and the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid to upper 70's today and most of this week!

See all that ugly, brown grass?  It'll be green before you know it!

Sable and Zaria are enjoying the warm days.

Godiva is content growing a gorgeous fleece and waiting  for her 'Mom' to come for a visit

As for Bella and Sable...

Well, they're playing like puppies!

We all had such a wonderful visit with Katie while she was home and already miss her like crazy.  But she promised it won't be so long between visits next time and there sure is plenty of work around here to keep me busy!

DREAM says:

"Mom's going to take lots of pictures this week so that you can watch the grass turn green!  I'll try to do something cute so that Mom takes SHEEP pictures, not pictures of those silly chickens."

You don't have to "try", Dreamer.  You're always cute!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Life is Oh-So-Very Good in the Bluff Country...

I let the ewes out into the big pasture.
Just so that Katie would have something to look out at when she sits in her swing in the backyard.

The sheep were delighted to get turned out into new pasture ~ even if everything IS still brown and not so lovely...

And a little cool, Springtime weather wasn't going to stop my Beautiful Baby Girl from sitting in her favorite spot, with a glass of wine and a good book, and enjoying being home!

It may look prettier, later in the year, when the flowers are blooming and the grass is green.  But my BBG snuggled into her wool jacket and a scarf & mittens ~ draped a home-spun, handknit shawl over her lap and made the most of being home...

Today, we're heading into town to have lunch with My Princess and Ben (who forbids me to use his nickname on public forums!) and then Pam & Katie are taking my Grandsons out of school for the afternoon and going to a movie while I get some shopping done.

It just doesn't get much better than this!

DREAM says:

"Did you see that?  Mom didn't even mention the chickens!"

We don't need to tell Dreamer that Katie and I moved a newly hatched clutch of chicks out of the incubator, into the brooder in the living room last night and then sat and watched a wonderful  movie (The Blind Side) and adorable baby chicks! 


Thursday, March 25, 2010


My Beautiful Baby Girl left a comment on an old blog post, this week, about how I was trying to lure her home last Summer.  It didn't work then, but apparently it has stayed on her mind.  Here's the post:

08/11/09               "Tormenting My Beautiful Baby Girl"

OK. I admit it. I've resorted to blatant bribery and psychological manipulation. But Katie started it! She's the one who said she might come home over Labor Day weekend!

HOW am I tormenting my beloved, youngest child, you may ask? By posting photographs of her favorite place to be:

My Back Yard

To be more exact ~ the SWING in my backyard.

This is where Katie likes to sit and read and relax when she's home.

Most evenings will find her sitting in the swing, reading a book and sipping a glass of wine. If it's cool out, she may wrap one of my shawls around her shoulders.

Katie's seldom alone ~ Mimi and Bella frequently join her on her nightly vigils. We all miss her.

Hurry Home Katie!

We'll keep your seat warm!

*For the Record...*

Katie, I'm pretty sure that you know that as much as we do all miss you, we certainly understand your desire to be with Carter if there's any way that can be arranged. I'm (secretly) hoping that you can work it out. Don't worry ~ it'll be beautiful in the FALL as well...

I love you

03/25/10   update:  Well, it's not exactly Fall and things might not be quite as pretty as they were in these summer photos and some things have changed.  Sadie's gone and so is my Lily kitty.  Now we have Sable and a few  more chickens.  But the swing's still there and I've got lots of warm shawls to wrap around my Beautiful Baby Girl's shoulders.  I better dust off the seat cushions and chill some wine...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

KNITTING Update...

My Beautiful Baby Girl sent me this photo that she took modeling the lace scarf/wrap that I knit for her.

I'm pretty proud of it!
(both the scarf AND my BBG!)

I like the pattern so much that now I want to make myself a shawl using the same pattern!

P.S.  My kiddo is so talented that she actually took these pictures, herself, using her phone and a mirror to photograph her reflection! 

Wonderful news:

Katie's coming home this weekend!!!
I haven't seen her in FOREVER and I can't wait.
She even promised that I can HUG her!
(you have to know my daughter to know what a big deal THAT is)

Life is Good in the Bluff Country

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Beautiful Friendship...

Sable and Bluff Country Zaria

Watching these two warms my heart!

As soon as we enter the pasture, Sable seeks out Zaria (who is usually running to greet Sable) and the joy they share upon reuniting is palpable.

Sable covers Zaria with kisses and Zaria just beams.



ZARIA says:
"I Love my Puppy!"

SABLE says:
"I Love my Zaria!"

DREAM says:
"What's a Girl gotta do to get any camera time around here?
Get a DOG???"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Little Sheep Therapy...

As I had promised Dream, it was time for me to pay a visit to my woolly friends.  It's been a while since I've just gone out and sat with my girls.  Of course, Sable was more than happy to accompany me and a number of the sheep seemed just as happy to see her as they were to see me!

And Sable was absolutely in her element!

The sheep, quite literally, mobbed her!

And Sable LOVED IT!

She gave lots of kisses...

And caught up on all the latest hillside gossip.

It was a very relaxing afternoon.

A good time was had by all!
And may I add:


DREAM says:
"Awwww, Shucks!, Mom ~ you don't have to fuss over ME!"

Right, Dreamer.



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