Friday, January 30, 2009

FACE It.....

Faces of my critters. I love their faces. You can see their personalities in their faces. Here are a few of my favorite critter faces:

Yes, I know. She is full of burrs. She's still gorgeous. Destiny is Alice's 2007, Shaela daughter. Color aside, she looks like her Mom! Destiny is bred to Kimberwood Hunter for Spring 09 lambs. This is the first time I've bred an Alice daughter and I can't WAIT to see what I get....

Zaria is another Shaela ewe. She has the most awesome fleece in my flock. Fine, crimpy, incredibly soft and silky! I'd be thrilled if every lamb ever born here had fleece like Zaria's. Plus she's HsT! Zaria is also bred to Hunter...

I posted this picture, recently, but I love it SO much! Is she not the cutest 'coming yearling' ewe lamb EVER???? She's just as sweet as she is pretty too.

This guy not only has a gorgeous face with tons of wool on the cheeks and poll, he's a living-breathing wool factory! The son of Zaria, Bling has that incredibly soft, lustrous fleece that I love and looks like he'll either be mioget or fawn. A stunning ram lamb. (sweet too!)

Only the most beautiful Shetland ewe ever born!



Don't ask...

Always makes me smile...


My Little Angel...


"Somebody better stop her! Mom could go on posting close ups of us for AGES"

I could but now I'm gonna go spin....

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh MY! How Time Flies.....

I can't believe it's been almost I week since I last posted! I've been busy, of course, as usual. Virginia and Terry and Angie came over for spinning last Saturday. It was SO fun seeing them again. I was extremely unhappy with my camera though. Virginia showed up wearing a Tiara!! I ran for my camera which proclaimed "memory card error" every time I tried to snap a photo. I never did figure out what was wrong but now it works again...


A grand time was had by all ~ in spite of the fact that I was coming down with some sort of a "bug". Icky tummy and bad headache. Bummer.

I got a big bobbin of silver/grey Shetland spun up for the queen size blanket that I'm knitting. It's getting HUGE. AND HEAVY!! I'll do a post about it soon. Everyone brought "show & tell" and it was great fun (and inspiring!) to see what others are working on.
There's so much that I want to DO.....

My tummy's still "icky" and the headache comes and goes. If this is the sickest I get, all winter, I'll consider myself one lucky Shepherdess!

ZARIA says....

..."I am NOT Dream!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's still Working!


My keyboard is still working. No time to post this morning as I need to CLEAN MY HOUSE! I've got some friends coming over, later today, to spin and knit!


Nothing like a little motivation to get the house cleaned.


We hope you have a NICE WEEKEND!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Wonder How Long My Keyboard Will Work...

I just spilled a 20 ounce mug of Cappuccino all over my desk. My keyboard was soaked. Of course I quickly mopped it all up with bathroom towels (Bella helped) but it's kind of hard to get the stuff that ran between the keys on my keyboard.

I realize these pictures don't particularly pertain to the text but I was thinking you'd rather look at pictures of pretty sheep than of a soggy keyboard!

I love these shots of Dream and Catnap.

Anyone want to come over and help me pick Burdocks out of fleece???? Thank God that hay is gone. I don't think I'll buy from THAT farmer again!

DREAM says...

"MUCH better choice of pictures today, Mom!"


Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a WONDERFUL Day...

* As always, click on any image to Biggify *

The sun was shining and the temps are in the teens. Nice way to start my FOUR DAY WEEKEND! ;-)

I decided to start out with some much needed time spent with my flock.I stood out in the deep, untouched snow to get a nice group photo. Alice was the first to brave the unbroken trail...

Here, she seems to be mocking Dream because she's closer to me than Dream is!

"Pet Me first, Mom!!!"

"This is SO not fair!!!"
I had a wonderful visit with my Girls. Lots of petting and scratching and snuggling. I even managed to pull a BUNCH of pickers (burdocks) out of their fleeces. The hay that I bought, last summer, was full of them and if I don't pick them out they'll ruin my fleeces this year. A little at a time...

I led Hunter's breeding group out into the pasture (through the deep snow) to feed them. I figure the exercise will be GOOD for them! They've been sticking pretty close to the little barn, ever since I took Hunter out.

Speaking of Hunter:

My boys are looking Pretty GOOD!

"BLING" and "WHITE KNIGHT" will be for sale this year.

CHANCE says...

"What? er-ME??? COOL!! Mom took LOTS of pretty pictures. Come
back tomorrow and we'll show you MORE...

DREAM says...

"Not Baaaaaaaad!!"


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Just Thinkin'.....

Is it possible that I'm the ONLY one questioning the wisdom of keeping the new leader of the free world up until 3 o'clock in the morning on the day/night of his inauguration ~ I can't imagine that he slept a wink the night before! ~ and then expecting him to actually conduct business beginning the next morning???

Could YOU do that???

DREAM says....

..."Trust me ~ you would NOT want to be around Mom under those conditions..."

That's Right, Dreamer!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New 4 - H...

I stayed home from work today. I simply had to be here to watch HISTORY in the making. I am so totally full of hope and inspiration that we are taking the first step on the path to a better world. I actually stood up and put my hand on my heart (standing alone in my living room!) and sang the "Star Spangled Banner". I bowed my head and prayed along with millions of others as we welcomed a new family into the White House. Lord, please keep them safe!

I can't remember I time when I have been more full of HOPE My heart goes out to this brave man who has taken the weight of the world on his shoulders...

I truly believe that today represents the first step in restoring HONOR to The United States of America! I am, more than ever, truly "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN"!

I was absolutely blown away by the Benediction given at the Inauguration. I apologize for not remembering the name of the minister who gave it. It was deeply, deeply touching. And FUNNY! I hope it gets replayed often. Between that wonderful pastor and the adorable Obama girls, I look forward to much HUMOR in the Obama white house.

I am not so naive as to think that things are going to magically get better. But I feel absolutely certain that we have, in President Obama, the man who can lead us to a better world for everyone!

~ 4-H ~


May God continue to bless America ~ as I believe he has with this wonderful, new leader....

Friday, January 16, 2009

January Thaw in the Bluff Country...

What's a little sub-zero weather? Who cares if it got down to 40 below zero??? There's a whole lot of warmth in the Bluff Country! I, unquestionably have the nicest, kindest, most thoughtful and generous friends that anyone could ever hope to know.

While I was still floating from the incredible gift that Tammy sent me, I noticed a box, sitting on my front steps, when I came home from work last night. By the time I drove into the garage (automatic door opener, thank God!), got into the house, let the dogs out and got out of my layers of outer wear; I completely forgot about the box out on my front step.

I did, however remember it, as soon as I woke up, this morning. You will not believe what I found...

This was the first thing I lifted out of the box.
Quickly followed by her sister,

I was so excited about the unbelievably soft, cuddly lambs that I introduced them to "Ali Baa-Baa" and did a "photo shoot" before I even discovered the salted nut rolls and Pumpkin cake!

OMG! Aren't they CUTE???

My very dear friends (and unofficial sisters), Corinne & Marie sent me this heart-warming care package.

Along with this note:

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I don't know why God has chosen to bless me with such wonderful friends, but I am eternally grateful.

DREAM says...

"Mom sure has nice friends!"

That I do, Dreamer. That I do...

Post Script: My spirits are lifted and my heart is deeply touched not only by the friends who send me gifts ~ but by ALL of you. Those of you who leave me comments on this blog and those of you who don't leave a trace but take time out of your busy lives to visit it. Thank you all. You brighten my world!


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