Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh MY! How Time Flies.....

I can't believe it's been almost I week since I last posted! I've been busy, of course, as usual. Virginia and Terry and Angie came over for spinning last Saturday. It was SO fun seeing them again. I was extremely unhappy with my camera though. Virginia showed up wearing a Tiara!! I ran for my camera which proclaimed "memory card error" every time I tried to snap a photo. I never did figure out what was wrong but now it works again...


A grand time was had by all ~ in spite of the fact that I was coming down with some sort of a "bug". Icky tummy and bad headache. Bummer.

I got a big bobbin of silver/grey Shetland spun up for the queen size blanket that I'm knitting. It's getting HUGE. AND HEAVY!! I'll do a post about it soon. Everyone brought "show & tell" and it was great fun (and inspiring!) to see what others are working on.
There's so much that I want to DO.....

My tummy's still "icky" and the headache comes and goes. If this is the sickest I get, all winter, I'll consider myself one lucky Shepherdess!

ZARIA says....

..."I am NOT Dream!"


  1. May not be Dream, but still a beauty. The rooster is awesome even though it has feathers.

  2. You know Nancy - those are really gorgeous chickens. And Zaria is
    a looker too! I'm going to have to update my blog now as well.

  3. That's MY Rooster! :) I promise I will take some pics with him when its warmer, I hope they'll turn out so beautiful! I'm sorry ihavent called in a while; I've been on another awful immersion this week and managed to forget my cell phone charger, so I keep it off as much as i can. I hope you feel better soon though and I'll call you this weekend, en route to sandiego again!

  4. I love the Dream (and not Dream) pictures and comments. What a great signature!



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