Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a WONDERFUL Day...

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The sun was shining and the temps are in the teens. Nice way to start my FOUR DAY WEEKEND! ;-)

I decided to start out with some much needed time spent with my flock.I stood out in the deep, untouched snow to get a nice group photo. Alice was the first to brave the unbroken trail...

Here, she seems to be mocking Dream because she's closer to me than Dream is!

"Pet Me first, Mom!!!"

"This is SO not fair!!!"
I had a wonderful visit with my Girls. Lots of petting and scratching and snuggling. I even managed to pull a BUNCH of pickers (burdocks) out of their fleeces. The hay that I bought, last summer, was full of them and if I don't pick them out they'll ruin my fleeces this year. A little at a time...

I led Hunter's breeding group out into the pasture (through the deep snow) to feed them. I figure the exercise will be GOOD for them! They've been sticking pretty close to the little barn, ever since I took Hunter out.

Speaking of Hunter:

My boys are looking Pretty GOOD!

"BLING" and "WHITE KNIGHT" will be for sale this year.

CHANCE says...

"What? er-ME??? COOL!! Mom took LOTS of pretty pictures. Come
back tomorrow and we'll show you MORE...

DREAM says...

"Not Baaaaaaaad!!"



  1. LOVE the photos - what a beautiful flock you have. I hope mine will be as lovely as that one day in the future. You caught some priceless facial expressions!

    Did you see on my blog I made a new award (the Wonderfully Wooly Award) and gave it to you? Feel free to share it with other favorite wool blogs of yours!

  2. Over my way we had blue skies and temps in the upper twenties....such a refreshing day. Lucky you to have 4 days off to spend time at home with the "crew"!! The pics of the sheep look great!!

  3. wow Nancy, your sheep appear so healthy and I' sure they are great quality. the pic's are excellent. I want to kiss 'em on the lips. :-)
    I kiss my SweetPea on the lips.

  4. Oh My...I love the picture of Alice giving the raspberries! Adorable.



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