Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorable Memorial Day....

I had the most wonderful day.
I only had to work until noon and when I got home, I changed clothes and went out to kill weeds in the pasture (the part that the sheep are NOT in. When I was done, I sat with the ewes and lambs. For hours.

I sat there for so long that even Calypso got friendly. Today's the first time that she's let me pet her. In this photo, Calypso is climbing on top of Zaria (who was lying next to me) to get petted. She liked it so much that she actually pawed at me if I stopped! ;-)
Another monster.

Now that I finally got my hands on the little monster sweet little lamb, I discovered that she is NOT moorit, after all! I can't tell for sure if she'll be fawn or mioget, but she is definitely modified. There is a distinct "metallic" look to her fleece when I part it. This should not surprise me since Calypso's dam (Savannah) is modified, as is her sire (Paco). I knew that several of Paco's other lambs are modified but hadn't realized that Calypso is too.

Yes, my hand is gross. That gives you an idea of how dirty my sheep are! They don't look dirty but there's enough natural lanolin in their fleece to hold the dirt and when I scratch and rub for hours, my hands get VERY dirty. It's sure worth it though....

I got up at 5:00 this morning and was so relaxed, sitting with the flock that I was feeling sleepy. So I layed down in the long grass. Before I knew it, I had about 6 sheep laying with (or ON!) me. Needless to say, I didn't get much rest, but it sure was fun. They're just like dogs! If I stop petting, they nudge my hand or arm to get me to pet them some more. Or Zaria or Dream would put her nose right up against my ear and BREATH into it. I'd laugh so hard that I quit feeling tired. Then the lambs decided that they could CLIMB on me. That HURTS. Time to get up.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon. I'm getting tired now, will head for bed. Don's back, for the week so if I'm quiet, you'll know why.....

Happy Dreams!

DREAM says......."Come back out any time you need a little Love, Mom. We'll be waiting for you!"

Sunday, May 27, 2007

After work...

As soon as I get home from work, I head out to sit with the lambs and ewes. (yes, I'm working this weekend)

I love how all the lambs gather around me for love. I haven't even started giving them animal crackers yet! I'm gonna miss my little friends when they leave for their new homes, later this summer. This is my beautiful "Calypso" (Savannah X Bravo). She'll be moving to Missouri, along with Bravo, Tiara, Fantasy and Phoebe. At least I'll know that they have friends in their new home!

I can't believe I sold Phoebe (Lost Lake Farm Phoebe) She is such a beautiful ewe and a wonderful mom! I am SO impressed by the lambs (triplets!) that she gave me this year that I'm thinking of using one of her boys, if I'm still here and haven't sold both, this fall. The only reason I'm parting with Phoebe is because I have her daughter, Flash Flood, to carry on her line...

My Beautiful "Polka Dot" will be moving all the way to Pennsylvania! And she's going to live with last year's lambs "Cresendo" & "Whisper"! Dot has grown into the most elegant ewe lamb and is SUCH a love. She reminds me so much of Dream as a lamb...
At least, Polka Dot will have company on the ride to Pennsylvania, Dream Weaver, Gypsy and Jewel will also be making their home on the East coast (Massachusets) and we'll be arranging to transport them together. It's going to be mighty sad in the Bluff Country when that truck leaves!!!


DREAM says........"ME TOO!"


Friday, May 25, 2007


I'll have a number of very nice ram lambs for sale this year. All of my HST's are sold, but I still have some gorgeous boys who carry HST genetics, even if they don't show the pattern. They will throw the spotting genes 50% of time so are an economical way to bring HST spotting genetics into your flock.

Every year, Alice gives me stunning, show quality ram lambs. This year is no exception. This year she (and Bravo ~ black & white, HST) gave me a beautiful, black/blesset: "Bluff Country Dynasty" and a striking grey: "Bluff Country Einstein". Both of these boys are show & breeding quality. Both have outstanding conformation and soft, intermediate fleece. Both carry a recessive gene for moorit and will bring HST spotting genetics (and Alice's cookie-cutter, perfect conformation!) to your flock.

Another gorgeous, black ram lamb is Zest (X Bravo)'s handsome son: Bluff Country Eclipse. He is awesome! A nice sized ram lamb with excellent conformation and thick, soft, intermediate fleece. Carries HST spotting genetics. Eclipse's dam, Zest, is the mom to Apocalypse (Paco) ~ the breath-takingly beautiful, moorit & white ram who graces the cover of my 2007 Calendars.

If you're looking for WHITE ~ or want to really improve the fleece in your flock, while adding HST spotting genetics, you can't go wrong with one of Phoebe's triplets! Mc Dreamy & Mc Steamy are incredibly fine/crimpy fleeced boys and have outstanding conformation. They also carry moorit and/or fawn genetics. Both their sire (Paco) and dam carry the modifier.

Another strikingly beautiful, white ram lamb is Flash Flood's handsome son (by Black Diamond) "Bluff Country Boomerang" (originally called 'Popcorn' ~ I changed his name).

Last but certainly not least, we have:
Rosie's striking black/blesset ram lamb, "Bluff Country American Idol". Idol is wasting no time in catching up to his older cousins. He is growing by leaps and bounds and he is stunning! I am SO pleased with his conformation and his horns are very widely spaced ~ no surprise with Black Diamond as his sire. This could be your show ram!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For my Princess....

I didn't realize that I hadn't updated for a few days. (Don was home)
But my beautiful, first child e-mailed me and said it was time for me to post new baby pictures!

Here ya go Princess....
Maybe I DO need to start thinking about a 2008 "REAL sheep wear SHETLAND wool" calendar! Bluff Country Dilemma is quite photogenic!
I've decided that I may just have to keep this little gem. Then I would have a black & white, HST (Dream) and a moorit (or fawn) and white, HST (Emma) of Paco's.
I know. I am supposed to be selling my sheep. But if I'm going to keep a FEW girls, what's one (or two) more???

Although Bluff Country Dream Weaver is sold, he still might make a new calendar page...

The other ewe lamb that I want to keep is Bluff Country Destiny, Alice's black daughter, sired by Bravo. I absolutely MUST keep an Alice daughter!

Since I am supposed to be SELLING lambs....I better post one who IS for sale...This is Rosie's stunning black/blesset ram lamb Bluff Country American Idol. Idol is a knock out ram lamb and he is for sale. His daddy is "Bluff Country Black Diamond" and he carries HST spotting genetics.

DREAM says....

..."A-HEM! Do you mean to say that keeping ewe lambs is an option????? I think we better have a TALK!"

Is that better Princess? I love you very much. KMB!

Friday, May 18, 2007

As Promised.....
Here ya go Dreamer...

This handsome lad is Dream's son (by Black Diamond) "BLUFF COUNTRY DREAM WEAVER"Weaver is already sold and will be making his home on the East Coast (Massachusetts) later this summer. Don't worry, he'll be taking several friends (GIRLS!) along with him...

Dream's beautiful "FANTASY" is growing up to be quite the beauty! I get a kick out of the distinct difference in her fleece where it's white and where it is black.
Is this not the MOST adorable lamb face you have ever seen????? (click to enlarge)
Fantasy is hiding behind the tall grass in hopes that nobody will notice that FOR SALE

While we're on the subject of 'selling'...This is "BLUFF COUNTRY BLACK DIAMOND"
Diamond is the yearling, black/krunet, son of Bravo and he is the sire of Dream's flashy twins. Diamond is also for sale!

DREAM says....
..."Mom promised me that she will only let Fantasy go live with somebody who will LOVE her as much as we do..."

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Babies are growing so FAST!!!

This is Mc DREAMY and TIARA, two of Phoebe's triplets. These babies are stunning ~ with great conformation and exquisite fleece!

Alice's boys, DYNASTY (black/bleset) and EINSTEIN (Ag/yuglet) are great examples of excellent conformation and HST spotting genetics. They will make outstanding flock sires.

I'm HOPING to keep Alice's daughter, DESTINY. I have wanted a black, Alice daughter since the first year I bred Shetlands...and I promised Alice that if she gave me one, we would keep her. If I am able to keep my place, I will keep this ewe lamb.Bravo is the sire to the triplets and I'll "bet" you that they'll throw HST's!

I was thrilled to discover that Flash Flood (and her dam, Phoebe!) carries moorit! This is Flash's daughter, GODIVA. She is a real beauty. Godiva and Tiara are both sired by Paco and carry HST spotting genetics, as well as excellent conformation and beautiful fleece.

OK. OKAY! Here she is. Diva's breathtaking little girl: BLUFF COUNTRY DILEMMA Yup, she's growing into a real beauty. And her fleece is incredible! For the record, Emma's fleece is moorit ~ this picture was taken in the shade and it just looks darker...

In this photo, you see Emma with one of my very favorite ewe lambs: BLUFF COUNTRY GYPSY. Gypsy is one of Savannah's twins and is incredibly friendly. What a little doll!

DREAM says......."Speaking of dolls! I don't see any pictures of MY babies here! What's going on? I have THE most beautiful babies!!!"

That you do, Dreamer. I'll post new pictures of them tomorrow or Friday...

Monday, May 14, 2007


This was the first ram lamb born in the Bluff Country in 2007. Meet Zaria's handsome, HST son "Socrates".

Socrates is sired by HST, "Windswept Bravo" and was born with WIDE horn buds that look impressively like his sire's. This is the big guy at 3 weeks of age!

My! How FAST they grow! This is Socrates with Rosie's 3 day old son "Bluff Country American Idol". If you look carefully (click to enlarge) you can see that Socrates is not a 'true' black. In fact, I'm quite sure that he will be SHAELA like his dam "Bluff Country Zaria". The off color is especially apparent around Socrates' eyes. I am thrilled!!! Zaria is also one of my most exquisitely fleeced ewes.

This handsome ram lamb (as well as all of the others!) will be available for sale, to a good home, upon weaning. A $100.00 deposit will hold him for you if this is the ram lamb you see siring your flock's future lambs. For more information, price or pictures, contact me

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I thought about doing a new tribute to "MOTHER'S DAY", but decided to just link to last year's so I could post more 2007 lamb pictures here. I have to tell you, however, I did sit out with the ewes and lambs for quite a while this afternoon and it was almost a spiritual experience. I had a half-dozen lambs laying curled up against me while the mom's contentedly grazed nearby. I felt like a trusted part of the flock. What an honor. (not to mention that I also had wonderful visits and chats with my human children!) I am happy to say that I felt truly blessed and grateful for the wonderful life that I have. I've come a long way!

Want to see some baby pictures...?????

Here's Flash Flood's twins, "Popcorn" and "Godiva"

I'm going to focus on the boys for a few days as they will all have to find new home s in the next few months. Popcorn is a beautiful, white, ram lamb who's sire (Paco) is HST. So he carries the genetics for spotting and should be an excellent flock sire for someone!

Isn't he HANDSOME????

THIS IS NOT TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY!Captured at just the right angle, Popcorn looks amazingly like a UNICORN!


Saturday, May 12, 2007


I put all the ewes and lambs together yesterday. This is one of the noisiest days of the year! It is hardest on the newer moms ~ those who haven't had as much time to bond with their lambs and get used to other lambs playing with their precious babies.

Rosie and Diva stayed pretty close to their babies.
Although "Idol" did manage to sneak off and meet a couple of the other ram lambs. Here he is with "Dream Weaver (left) and "Socrates". Look how big they look next to Idol!

"Fantasy" quickly set about organizing lamb races!

"Dilemma" had to do a double-take when she saw there were other sheep that look like her and her mom, Diva...

Phoebe's "Mc Dreamy & Mc Steamy" left their mom and sister to go exploring with the other boys.

All the lambs enjoyed the rock pile...

I've got lots more pictures of all the babies. I want to start "highlighting" one or two each day or so. Now, all I need is more time.

DREAM says...

..."You should see how FAST my babies run!!!"


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