Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Babies are growing so FAST!!!

This is Mc DREAMY and TIARA, two of Phoebe's triplets. These babies are stunning ~ with great conformation and exquisite fleece!

Alice's boys, DYNASTY (black/bleset) and EINSTEIN (Ag/yuglet) are great examples of excellent conformation and HST spotting genetics. They will make outstanding flock sires.

I'm HOPING to keep Alice's daughter, DESTINY. I have wanted a black, Alice daughter since the first year I bred Shetlands...and I promised Alice that if she gave me one, we would keep her. If I am able to keep my place, I will keep this ewe lamb.Bravo is the sire to the triplets and I'll "bet" you that they'll throw HST's!

I was thrilled to discover that Flash Flood (and her dam, Phoebe!) carries moorit! This is Flash's daughter, GODIVA. She is a real beauty. Godiva and Tiara are both sired by Paco and carry HST spotting genetics, as well as excellent conformation and beautiful fleece.

OK. OKAY! Here she is. Diva's breathtaking little girl: BLUFF COUNTRY DILEMMA Yup, she's growing into a real beauty. And her fleece is incredible! For the record, Emma's fleece is moorit ~ this picture was taken in the shade and it just looks darker...

In this photo, you see Emma with one of my very favorite ewe lambs: BLUFF COUNTRY GYPSY. Gypsy is one of Savannah's twins and is incredibly friendly. What a little doll!

DREAM says......."Speaking of dolls! I don't see any pictures of MY babies here! What's going on? I have THE most beautiful babies!!!"

That you do, Dreamer. I'll post new pictures of them tomorrow or Friday...


  1. Dream looks very settled and peaceful. I think motherhood becomes her!

  2. Terry8:41 PM

    Dream has lost her adolescent look, definately! She looks so wise and tolerant now--do I see bags under her eyes?


  3. THOSE ARE NOT BAGS!!!!! I think Dreamer was suffering a bit from allergies! Her eyes were a bit mattery, that is all.




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