Monday, May 14, 2007


This was the first ram lamb born in the Bluff Country in 2007. Meet Zaria's handsome, HST son "Socrates".

Socrates is sired by HST, "Windswept Bravo" and was born with WIDE horn buds that look impressively like his sire's. This is the big guy at 3 weeks of age!

My! How FAST they grow! This is Socrates with Rosie's 3 day old son "Bluff Country American Idol". If you look carefully (click to enlarge) you can see that Socrates is not a 'true' black. In fact, I'm quite sure that he will be SHAELA like his dam "Bluff Country Zaria". The off color is especially apparent around Socrates' eyes. I am thrilled!!! Zaria is also one of my most exquisitely fleeced ewes.

This handsome ram lamb (as well as all of the others!) will be available for sale, to a good home, upon weaning. A $100.00 deposit will hold him for you if this is the ram lamb you see siring your flock's future lambs. For more information, price or pictures, contact me

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