Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a Great Day...

Rosie was a busy girl (finally!) while I was at work today. I came home to find her in the barn with this handsome fellow all cleaned up and nursing. Gotta love these first-time Shetland moms!

Within hours, Rosie brought her son outside for some sunshine and fresh air. Meet "Bluff Country American Idol"

When I moved the 'older' ewes & lambs over to the side pasture, Calypso and Bella (Zest's black twins) stayed behind. It took me a while to round up Calypso and get him back in with the moms and older babies. What a nice ram lamb he's growing up to be!

Daisy is very relieved that lambing is over in the Bluff Country!

Lily uses her own personal door to the barn as she heads in for a cat nap.

DREAM says...
..."Maybe now things can get back to normal around here. I've MISSED you guys!!"


  1. Congratulations Rosie and Nancy--what a handsome fellow!!! I am proud of Rosie for taking matters in hand and doing such a good job delivering him all by herself...Nancy, please check your e-mail--there is something urgent from me.


    PS somehow i grabbed dream's fleece instead of zest's on shearing day---can we right this before Shepherds Harvest? I don't care if it's after as long as you don't sell Zest's to someone else! Of course, Dream's first fleece is lovely, too, but I have a feeling you will want to keep that one...

  2. Congrats Nancy! I bet its nice to be done with lambing and get to sit back and watch them grow.

  3. Hmmph - guess she proved him wrong, didn't she - Go Rosie!
    XOX T.

  4. Way to go, Rosie!

    What a handsome son she has! I'm sure Idol will be in the lead when he joins in the annual Bluff Country Lamb Races. :) (20 on the nose to win, please)

    What a wonderful lamb crop you have this year Nancy!

  5. Oh good grief! I guess I am a little bit tired.... Zest's black ram lamb is not "Calypso" (that's Savannah's moorit ewe lamb!), his name is "Eclypse". It's finally happening ~ I can't keep my lamb's names straight!

    I need a day off. Not gonna happen until SUNDAY. :-(



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