Friday, May 18, 2007

As Promised.....
Here ya go Dreamer...

This handsome lad is Dream's son (by Black Diamond) "BLUFF COUNTRY DREAM WEAVER"Weaver is already sold and will be making his home on the East Coast (Massachusetts) later this summer. Don't worry, he'll be taking several friends (GIRLS!) along with him...

Dream's beautiful "FANTASY" is growing up to be quite the beauty! I get a kick out of the distinct difference in her fleece where it's white and where it is black.
Is this not the MOST adorable lamb face you have ever seen????? (click to enlarge)
Fantasy is hiding behind the tall grass in hopes that nobody will notice that FOR SALE

While we're on the subject of 'selling'...This is "BLUFF COUNTRY BLACK DIAMOND"
Diamond is the yearling, black/krunet, son of Bravo and he is the sire of Dream's flashy twins. Diamond is also for sale!

DREAM says....
..."Mom promised me that she will only let Fantasy go live with somebody who will LOVE her as much as we do..."


  1. Boy, they are going f-a-s-t! :) Too bad they're all related to Skit.

    And YOU sound better...good!

  2. Terry3:02 PM

    Fantasy also has a great personality--very "peoplelized"...Yesterday when I visited Nancy, she just laid down in the grass next to me and wanted me to scratch her chin. I wish I could buy her...




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