Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catching Up...

Or at least trying to catch up!

So, where did I leave off?
Oh, yes.  With Angel's shockingly (pink) white ram lamb...
(born 6/27)

Followed by Zaria's flashy, HST EWE lambs on Monday, 6/28.

The firstborn is moorit & white and the second twin is black & white.
I couldn't have asked for any better from my beautiful Zaria! 
She never disappoints me.

What am I going to DO with all of this cuteness???

I haven't named these girls ~ since they're already sold.  I'll probably end up putting some kind of moniker on them,  knowing me...

Before I had time to calm down from the thrill of Zodiak's twin girls, Angel's handsome ram lamb and Zaria's beautiful babies, GODIVA decided she better make her contribution with:

Twin, RAM lambs!
(born Tuesday, 6/29)

A big, solidly built, black boy with a splash of white on top of his head and the cutest little "Star" on his forehead:

And his black & white, Hst brother
with the most unusual facial markings I've ever seen on a lamb!

He's a nicely built, friendly, little guy too!

All the ewes and lambs are doing WONDERFULLY!
I am so proud of my girls.  Not a single one needed any help delivering these gorgeous babies.

You've got to LOVE Shetlands!

DREAM says...

"You Aint seen nothin yet!"
"Flash Dance and I are waiting until all the fuss dies down and then we'll have our babies when all of the attention can be properly focused on ME  er, us,
as it should  be!"

She's not kidding folks, neither Dream nor Flash Dance has even started to get an udder!  Both are looking nice and round but apparently not quite ready to have their babies. 
That Dreamer!  She always has to be the center of attention!

There should be some mighty pretty babies yet to come in the Bluff Country...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Bluff Country Polar Bear"...

Born to Bluff Country Angel and Bluff Country Zorro
 on Sunday, June 27th.  What an awesome ram lamb! 
 Unfortunately, I did his entire post on my  OTHER  BLOG!
(how embarrassing!)

Please hop over to my  Backyard Chickens blog  to read about 'Bear' and then,
check back here later today for news about Zaria's twin, HST ewe lambs!

Life is Good in the Bluff Country!
Even more so because my Beautiful Baby Girl is coming home

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Talk About CUTE...

Zodiak's twin ewe lambs:

"Bluff Country Daisy"
and her twin sister:

"Bluff Country Clover"

When I went out to take pictures of Zodiak and her little dolls this afternoon, I found Angel in labor!
  More photos tomorrow...


Round Two is Underway...

Is he adorable or WHAT???
Zest delivered twin, moorit, ram lambs on Friday, June 25.

The handsome lad above is
"Bluff Country Rain"

Rain's big brother
"Bluff Country Storm Warning"
was delivered just moment before ~ during a violent thunderstorm!
Thank goodness for my big barn!

Mother and sons are doing great!  As you can see, Zest had them out grazing on the lush pasture already on Saturday. 

If you think Zest's boys are cute...
Just wait until I post pictures of the gorgeous
twin, EWE lambs that Zodiak delivered last night!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not EvenTWO MONTHS Old...

I was trying to get some current pictures of the lambs this morning. 
They grow SO quickly!  Of course, they were extremely uncooperative and all they would do was keep their heads down and graze. 

I did manage to get a shot of Alice and her triplets, coming out of the calf hut where they choose to sleep at night...

I knew I had a picture of Alice with the triplets when they were only a day old so I dug it up...

Isn't that incredible?
Those babies won't even be two months old until  July 1st!

Something that makes me very happy:

I don't know if you can see it or not (click to enlarge) but my beautiful lady still has all her teeth!
She's TEN YEARS OLD, folks!

God, I love that ewe...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lull Between Storms...

The Midwest has been wracked by violent storms over the past three weeks and the Bluff Country is no exception. 

As I was walking out to check on the ewes and lambs the other day, I saw this awesome sky "above my big barn".  It looked like streaks emanating from the roof of the barn.  It lasted for at least a half hour. 
Very eiree!

Then the sun broke out and everything was enveloped in a golden glow.

I turned the expecting ewes out onto fresh pasture...

Not that they NEED any more to eat!


DREAM says...

"Check this out!  Mom says that in this picture, I don't even look pregnant!  She seems to think that Zest is going to have her babies first and then Godiva.   I wonder how she knows this stuff...?"

Trust me, when it comes to who's going to lamb and when, I don't know much of anything!  But Zest does look like she's the closest, followed closely by Godiva.  I'd say we've got maybe a week to go.  And, yes,  I was amazed at how trim Dream looked in that photo!  It's some kind of fluke of angle and/or light though...she definitely looks VERY pregnant!

We're getting close, in the Bluff Country!

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Sable and the Sheep...

Sorry for the delay in this follow-up post but I've barely got time to Breathe!
Let's see...where was I again?
Oh yes!

The ewes warning their lambs about the evil Sable...

More precisely, "Chance" checking out Sable before letting her daughters play with her!
First, "the approach".  See Chance coming in from the bottom left.
(Sable sure does!)

"The submission test"
I don't know, I'm still seeing teeth...

Still teeth.  You better stay back babies!

That's better!

Sable promises to be nice...

Chance gives the OK for Charm to move in.

But maintains a close watch over Sable.

'"One false move and hour head is chicken feed!"

Later that same evening...

Chance has apparently decided that Sable is a good friend. 
As you can see:
Sable is thrilled!


"She'd never follow me out there!"

I wouldn't recommend it, Sable...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sable and the Sheep...

Sable has been wanting to go out with the ewes and lambs ever since the first baby was born.  I thought it best, for Sable's sake, to keep her out until the babies were a bit older.  Those new moms can be pretty fierce!

Last night, I let Sable join me when I decided to sit with the ewes and lambs for a while, after mowing half of their pasture.  The following photos were taken last night ~ during Sable's first visit with the lambs...

I tell you what ~ if you want "alert looking sheep" photos, take a dog into their pasture!'


For the first fifteen minutes or so, the Moms pretty much chased Sable.  Poor girl, she was SO happy to finally get to go in with the babies.  In this photo, she'd gotten so wary that she was even running from the lambs!

I tell you what though:  I don't think Sable is really "afraid" of the sheep.  She's just smart enough to get out of their way.  Most of the time when the ewes were chasing her, her tail was wagging.  In a short time, things settled down (perhaps everyone was hot and tired?) and everyone relaxed ~ even with Sable in the pasture.

Ahhhhhh!  MUCH better.

Before long, the lambs got curious...

Notice Sable, avoiding eye contact.
"I'm no threat!"


And closer...

Dixie Cup was completely enthralled.

Sable seems to have made a new friend!

Charm decided that she likes Sable too...

Alice even let her triplets check her out!

SABLE says...

"I like my sheep!"

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of Charm's Mom, "Chance" giving Sable a good, CLOSE going over.  I guess she wanted to make sure that Sable passed inspection before allowing her to be Charm's friend.  It was a HOOT!


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