Monday, June 14, 2010

That Face...

Just LOOK at that face!
That is our lovely first lamb of 2010
"Bluff Country Dixie Cup"

Dazzle's little bundle of joy is growing up!
And she's quite the beauty!

She's also been quite the little snob/somewhat reserved.
This past weekend is the first that she's actually come up and let me touch her.

But we're making progress.

The jungle/pasture has gotten a bit long while I've been sick.
If it ever stops raining, I'll mow it!

I could lose a lamb in there!

Dixie and all the lambs will be for sale. 
How can I part with that face?

For prices or more information.


  1. Thank you, Isobelle! You know ~ it takes a great beauty to recognize great beauty!

  2. How can you bear to part with Dixie? She's lovely!!!

  3. OH, it IS difficult, Mom L! But I live alone, I'm 57 years old, and I'm unemployed ~ living on unemployment compensation. I can't physically handle the work of a large flock, nor can I afford to buy hay to feed a large flock. So, I have to sell my babies...

    But I make sure that they go to good, loving homes!

  4. She has beautiful markings and her fleece looks gorgeous, too! I do think those of us who MUST keep our flocks small just torture ourselves by breeding lambs we can't keep, but what sweet torture, eh?

  5. Wow! She is the runway model of the Shetland world. What a beauty! You can always drop her off at my house.

  6. Anonymous2:13 PM

    OMG! She looks more and more like Dazzle every day! I wonder if Dixie and Dutchess would fit in the back of my Focus? As long as they didn't get quite as motion-sick as Sable, I think we'd be OK....



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