Sunday, June 27, 2010

Talk About CUTE...

Zodiak's twin ewe lambs:

"Bluff Country Daisy"
and her twin sister:

"Bluff Country Clover"

When I went out to take pictures of Zodiak and her little dolls this afternoon, I found Angel in labor!
  More photos tomorrow...



  1. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Nancy -

    I had SOOOOO much fun watching not one, but TWO different births! Personally, I think it was my last handful of animal crackers and the magical rubbing that I gave her that made Angel deliver! ;-) LOL! I was just thrilled that she finally decided that I wasn't a threat, and even let me clear the baby's mouth while she went to work on the rest of him!

    Hugs to you, my wonderful friend!

    Katie in WI

  2. Oh my gosh, lambing so late. Well, we miss it already, so it will be fun to see what comes out at your "farm".

  3. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Hi Nancy,

    Congrats! They are all so cute--little Daisy is a real sparkler! I assume Angel's are both white? Lucky Katie, to be there and get to see the birth! Looks like Godiva is the holdout-maybe she was bred a little later than the others. See your e-mail.


  4. Oh my goodness, that Daisy could be listed in the encyclopedia under cute. What a doll!

  5. Lovely little girls, Nancy!! What precious faces!!!


  6. They are adorable Nancy. That little Daisy steals the show! :)

  7. Wow. Congratulations, again! :)

  8. All I can say is Awwwwww!

  9. Oh they are both very cute. Congratulations!

  10. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Daisy is the cutest lamb I have ever seen!

  11. Daisy is adorable! But I'm feeling bad for her sister, who hasn't gotten much fan-fare, so I automatically love clover more. She looks timid and sweet too! It sounds like you've been crazy busy, at least there will be lots of entertaining lambs for the reunion party :)

  12. Anonymous10:31 PM

    CrombieKatie -

    Clover IS a sweetie! Very cuddly and lovey. She is second on my list of most loved lambs this spring, falling only behind Duchess by the slimmest of margins. She is definitely on the "kidnap" list, along with Duchess and Dixie! Your mom is gonna need to start checking my car. LOL!

    Katie in WI

  13. You don't have to worry about Clover being overshadowed by her sister, Katie. Clover is every BIT as adorable as Daisy is ~ I just didn't get as good of a picture of her. I'll put some new ones on, as soon as I get the chance, and you'll see just what I mean...

    Gail ~ I've never lambed this late before. Then again, I hadn't really PLANNED on lambing at all. :-)
    I'm enjoying the girls lambing outside. No mess in the barn and SO much cleaner for the new lambs!



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