Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Triple the Fun...

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To ease Destiny and her triplets back into the flock gradually, I first let Alice and her triplets in with Destiny and her brood.

I think it would be fair to say that Destiny was less than thrilled to share her nursery with three "strange" lambs...

Alice was patient with her 3 year old daughter.

She knew that Destiny just needed time and confidence.
While we were waiting, I got a couple of pretty pictures of one of Alice's little girls:

This is "Duchess"
I love the close up with Alice's body as the background.

Eventually, Destiny's lambs decided that they wanted to come out of the barn.

Destiny watchfully escorted them out to meet their Grand dam...

This reminds me of a scene from "The Lion King"

Apparently, Alice approves.
Here, she's meeting her grandson, "Tumbleweed".

This is "Burdock"

And the Oh-So-Precious "Kiss"!

She's so delicate and sweet
Just like a little chocolate Kiss!

Today, both moms and their triplets are out in the main pasture with the rest of the ewes with lambs.  Alice and Destiny get separated, once a day, for their grain ration (it's actually 'lamb creep feed') to keep up their condition while nursing triplets.  I've never had to supplement any triplet born here. 

DREAM says...

"Hey!  I don't think I got any special feed when I had triplets!"

Oh, Dreamer.
  I'm sure you did. 
 I would never not give my precious Dream
extra goodies when she's feeding three babies!


"Maybe I'll just have to have three babies again!"

Oh, Joy!


  1. What cuties! So nice to see a family of sheepies all together :-)

  2. Duchess is so beautiful...like she is wearing a fancy lovely lace headress! Is she a keeper for you Nancy?

  3. My thought was to keep "Princess" (Duchess' sister). I really shouldn't be thinking of keeping ANY more sheep but she IS Alice's daughter ~ and she will be musket and Alice is ten years old...

    I will try to find homes for a couple of my mature ewes or ewes with lambs in order to make room AND actually cut back. I am definitely finding that taking care of this place and my animals, by myself, is perhaps "biting off more than I can chew". :-(

  4. I like the textured backgound too

  5. Beautiful lambs! Love your blog. It makes me smile.

  6. Are you really working that Dream reality woman? Ah, Dream is getting HUGE, lol! Girl looks like she ate a small pig.

  7. Anonymous7:43 PM

    What is that cute little v-shaped pink line on the end of Duchess's nose??? (My resolve to not to buy a lamb before we have our fences up is weakening...)


  8. Duchess is precious! There's just something different in her face, like you can really see her personality. I love the names for the boys, where did Burdock come from though, it sounds quasi familiar.

  9. Terry ~ that pink line is Duchess' little, heart shaped nose! ;-)

    Katie ~ Burdock is a BIG weed that grows around here and I'm constantly doing battle with it! Not that I think 'our' Burdock will be a problem but I liked the idea of weed names for the boys.

    I love my BBG!



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