Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'd Almost Forgotten...

As hard as it may be to believe that I could have forgotten anything of significance, it is a fact.  I did almost forget about Dazzle's "moon spot"

Of course, as her fleece grew longer, the moon spot blended in with the surrounding fleece and was not noticeable, so I really didn't think about it.
Until shearing day last week...

Sure enough!  It's still there!

Dazzle's own, personal, little "Beauty Mark".
I'm not even sure  exactly what a 'moon spot' IS.  I know that a "true" spot is white.  Dazzle's moon spot is not white ~ it a lighter shade of her base fawn/mioget color.  Perhaps incomplete expression of a spot?  Or incomplete expression of the base color? 
Who knows? 

Not that it really matters anyway!  We love Dazzle just the way she is.  Although, a LITTLE less obnoxiousness  when there are cookies around wouldn't be a BAD thing...

DREAM says...

"Beauty Mark?  Pphttttt!  It looks more like a birth defect to me!  Probably from her Mom eating too many cookies!"

Obviously, it's hot and muggy in the Bluff Country again today...


  1. Aw I think Dazzle is gorgeous. You can tell Dream she is one great big beauty mark! tee hee

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    It is hot and muggy here in Michigan as well.
    You asked a few days ago on twitter if anyone likes this weather....I do! I love it! The hotter and muggier the better. I am much more motivated when it is this type of weather. Waited all winter for this.


  3. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Nancy -

    AND, don't forget, Dixie, Dazzle's daughter, has a moon spot on her back haunch area! :)

    Yes, Dreamer, I think IsobelleGoLightly has the right of it; you ARE one great big beauty mark! And such a ham!

    Hugs! I hope this storm takes away the blasted heat and humidity....

    Katie in WI

  4. Dazzle was such a cute baby!!

    My BIL's boxer just gifted him with puppies yesterday. Unfortunately, in spite of loving care, one of them died overnight... but the other 5 are thriving. Babies (of any sort) are such wonderful gifts to the world - aren't you lucky to have so many?!!

  5. What fun little secret she keeps, you only find it when she's sheared :)



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