Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Dream's Happy...

We're ALL happy!

I SWEAR she knows what's going on on the Blog!

I wish you could have been here yesterday...

Dream was like a little lamb!

Running and jumping...

I laughed SO hard!

She was actually "pogo-ing"!


Poor girl,

I think she wore herself out!

DREAM says...

"It's nice to be loved"...


  1. We're all still babies at heart....huh Dream? hee hee Beautiful form in your pogo!

  2. Is it wrong that Im jealous of a Ewe?? She looks like she's having a blast! Im glad she brings you laughter :)

  3. Silly girl! There is just something hysterical about when the older 'matrons' of the flock get giddy and start pogo-ing about! I can't believe she is a month and a half away from lambing!
    Sable is GORGEOUS! She has really blossomed.

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Please ask Dreamer to send some pogo energy over here - what an athlete!

  5. I love it when they do that!

  6. All of my girls were playing rodeo yesterday evening, too. I think they liked the cooler weather.

  7. My 3 yr old wether Socks had all the boys "pogo-ing" the other evening too, despite the heat and humidity. You just can't help but laugh out loud and be happy for a healthy flock when you see them doing that!

  8. Oh, to have a teeny portion of that springing energy! And it the flock spokesperson, no less! I'll bet her babies come bounding out....
    Nancy in Iowa

  9. What a great shot of Dream sproinging! None of my "mature" ladies do that, although the two-year-old wether and three-year-old ram will occasionally.

  10. I'm sure Dreamer does know what's going on on the blog!

  11. Anonymous11:18 AM


    I'm coming to visit you today even though kitty Sophie wants me to stay here with here. (Sophie's the Queen of the house here and just as regal as you are, Dream :>) When she doesn't get enough attention, she justs opens the screen door with her paw (if we forget to latch it--she checks) and lets herself out for a night on the town, driving her mummy (me) crazy with worry because she's NOT an outdoor cat--when I bought her I promised her breeder I would NEVER let her outdoors unsupervised...well I have never LET her outdoors unsupervised but once an awhile she just takes it upon herself... Don't get any Houdini ideas about fences and gates, Dream.


  12. It's so funny to watch the adults get caught up with joy and do that stotting right along with the lambs! Makes me laugh every time. :)



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