Sunday, May 16, 2010

Identity Crisis...

Finally!  The sun has returned to the Bluff Country.
I took advantage of the beautiful day and put Dilemma and her twins out in the big pasture with the other new moms.

Confusion reigned!

Eventually, they got things figured out...

Sort of!


"I only have ONE!"


  1. The lambs are, like their moms, marked so wonder they are having trouble! But they are gorgeous! And isn't it fun?!?!?!?! The sheep knew best ;-)

  2. Haha. Really cute lambs. :)

  3. Beautiful moms, beautiful lambs; it's a good thing mothers know their young!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Even the Moms had to sniff to make sure! They'd see a baby that looked like their's and run up to it only to sniff it and butt it away!

    Silly girls...

  5. HAHAHA! The last picture... the expression on that Ewe's face is exactly what mine would be if other people's offspring were using me for a playground! I'm glad your sheep have more maternal instinct than your youngest daughter : )



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