Saturday, May 29, 2010

Losing the War...

Sometimes, (quite often I must admit) I feel like I can't possibly get everything done around here that needs to be done.  My fences need repairing, I've got chicken coops to build and pens to clean. Thank God I was able to pay someone else to deworm and trim feet on the sheep!  I can't begin to make a dent in the GRASS that is growing like a wildfire and almost hiding the sheep in the pasture!

I normally keep it mowed so that it doesn't go to seed!
I read that it loses nutrients once it goes to seed and it's all that I feed my sheep during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about that, Mom."

I did manage to get the top of the hill pasture mowed so that Destiny could take her triplets out without danger of losing them yesterday...

Although she still kept them close to the safety of the barn.

Can't chat long today:  I've got pens to clean, mowing to do and fence-lines to treat with "Roundup".  I know ~ it's not environmentally friendly, but unless YOU want to volunteer to come over and pull the weeds and grass growing under my electric fence...

DREAM says:

"I'm doing the best I can to help you with this grass problem, Mom!"

And you're doing a fine job, Dreamer!  A fine job...


  1. I am the Queen of Roundup! :D

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Oh, Nancy! I'm soooooo sorry! I'f I wasn't here supervising 4 boys, I'd be down in a heartbeat! My back isn't up to much more than sitting this weekend, but I could mow all day! :)

    It is amazing to me. Four 12 & 13 year olds require almost more supervision than 4 toddlers! The things they think up to do that THEY think is a good idea.... sheeesh!

    Keep eating Dreamer, keep eating. You're going to need it with those quintuples you're carrying! ;) OK, I'm just teasing you Dreamer. You don't really have 5 babies in there; you are just a bit round, though! I'll give you an extra cookie when I come down, to apologize.

    Katie in WI

  3. Dont worry mama. Your sheepies are happy girls, and that's more than most sheepies can say; overgrown grasses or not! Ill be HOME to help in about 3 weeks!!!!

  4. I couldn't sympathize anymore if I tried, lol. Although I am not working outside the farm, I am working full-time on a 30 acres farm...alone. There is simply not enough time or energy and that grass is insane this time of year.

    Although I don't use chemicals here the weeds and pasture management create the same need for a livable pasture philosophy. I've developed my own sort of 12 Steps for Perfect Pasture Junkies....

    Today I will do what I can and ignore everything I didn't get to. I can do no more and will NOT beat myself over the head about it. The sheep are still happy, the chickens are having a ball and those weedy flowers have a beauty of their own. I will do what I can to get all that damned thistle out but will not attempt Seppuku over that snarky weed. I have until fall to deal the burdock a fatal blow and will not ruin my June over it. The sand burrs; well hell, I'm trying for goodness sake, and they best not try me or I might just HAVE to set fire to the entire field in self-defense...Ain't a judge in the land who wouldn't understand. I will enjoy sunrises as their own gift and not heavily sigh that the day will be too short for all the work to be done.

    Hang tight, winter will come and we will all be wistfully dreaming of this season.

  5. Our goats can't keep up with the grass either. You need more sheep if they aren't keeping up with the mowing.

  6. I love Roundup. I use it all around my pasture fence line to kill everything down and keep the voltage. Sometime today I must also get the chickens cleaned out. Make sure you give yourself time to sit down with a drink and enjoy all of the wonderful things that surround you :)

  7. Anonymous5:04 AM


    Don't feel too bad about the Roundup. At work where Environment is our middle name, 3 of us had a serious scientific discussion about Roundup and plain Roundup at coffee break one day (The chemical name of plain Roundup without addatives is glyphosate and there's a generic inexpensive version at Home Depot) isn't that bad--we decided it was the best alternative when you have to get rid of quack grass, etc.

    Hope my little visit didn't slow you down too much Friday and thanks for having me!


  8. Amen sister, I'm beating back the jungle here and trying to accomplish something..anything...

  9. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Dream - maybe I should bring the boys out to help Mom with some of the mowing... What do you think? I will give her a call.



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