Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Latest Stars...

On Monday, May 10th, Bluff Country Dilemma gave birth to twin, HST ram lambs.  Both boys are black and white.  They were cleaned off and fed when I found them.
Gosh, I love Shetland ewes!!

Both boys have four, high, white stockings.
"Bluff Country Chrome"  has a pink nose:

How cute is that???

Bluff Country "Shine" has a black nose:

Good Job, Dilemma!


  1. Awesome. They are very cute! :)

  2. Congratulations Nancy they are both adorable. Isn't it lovely to find healthy happy lambs? :)

  3. It certainly IS, Shula! One of the reasons that I chose Shetlands was because as a primitive breed, they are very hardy and good mothers and the lambs are quick to their feet and to nurse. If my flock counted on me to be there for every birth, I'd have VERY few live lambs...

  4. ADORABLE!!! I love the names too!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I'm drooling over your Panda lambs. I am also drooling over your fibres and wool. Wish wish wish I had a spinning wheel.
    Blessings, Star

  6. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Wow Nancy, those are 2 nicely marked HST boys!!
    Love both the pink and the black noses--if I had to decide it would be tough based on noses alone. Congrats to Dilemna and you (and Zorro, too)!


  7. Love the pink nose! How cute.

  8. You must be just bouncing with pride at how beautifully marked your lambs turned out; considering they weren't even planned! But after several generations, your Bluff country born ram, and several ewes, are giving you exactly what you wanted. Good job mama!

  9. Hi Nancy! Beautiful lambs and awesome pictures! I also had a chance to look at your new web sight and it is very well done. I have some markings questions...would you mind going over to my blog and taking a look at the last two posts and tell me what you think about some of my spotties and how to accurately name their markings? If you need me to renew your permission let me know...sometimes I have to reinvite if you have not been by in a while. Thanks! :)

  10. my goat girls DO NOT want me around when they're due, they deliver when I'm not home or asleep. Beautiful boys you've got.



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