Friday, May 30, 2008

How Embarassing...

THIS is "Bluff Country Take a Chance"
I am keeping Chance. Chance is the lamb climbing all over me and giving me kisses in yesterday's post. Notice her high, white, front stockings???

THIS... "Bluff Country Sleeping Beuaty". Beauty is one of Dream's triplets. She is sold. She does NOT have high white, front stockings.

Beauty is the little doll snuggling with me in the "Shepherdess snuggling with Chance" pictures in yesterday's post...

How embarrassing!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to Choose...

It's hard to chose which pictures to feature on my blog. Pam took so many wonderful photos of my sheep. I've decided to focus on show casing how much pleasure I get from time spent with my flock ~ our "bond" and the personalities of the individual sheep.

This is Zaria's handsome, HST ram lamb: "Bluff Country Bling". He's got SO much poll and cheek wool that he looks like a Teddy Bear! A very sweet, gentle fellow.

Of course, I can't sit with just one lamb for long.

This is, by far, the friendliest batch of lambs that I've ever had. And I haven't even started them on Animal Crackers yet!!

Of course, the mature ewes have to get their fair share of attention too! Zodiak (Dream's dam and the mother of triplets this year), is quite good at making sure that I don't forget her...

Sometimes a girl's just got to lie down and take a break...

So much for "taking a break"!

Kat Nap and Chance are two of my friendliest girls. I'm keeping Chance, but someone is going to get a REALLY wonderful lamb when they buy Kat Nap!

Chance is VERY happy that I'm keeping her...

Of course, sometimes Kat Nap gets a little bit Jealous! HELP!

The Shepherdess with "Bluff Country Take a Chance"...
A peaceful moment with "Bluff Country Kat Nap"...

LIFE IS GOOD in the Bluff Country...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is Going to Take a While....

Oh MY! I had SO much fun going through Pam's pictures when I got home from work, last night! I smiled for so long that I was getting cramps in my jaw!!!

So far, Pam has narrowed her selection down to 200 photos! I'm downloading each of them to my computer, editing them, and putting up the ones I think you might enjoy on here.

Like most anyone else, I don't like photos of myself. But, as Pam said: you can see the sheer JOY that my sheep and lambs bring into my world ~ and That I don't mind sharing....

Mystery learning to "shake hands"!

Dream's little "Kat Nap" is one of my absolute favorite lambs. And she KNOWS it!!

Just to show you I'm not Too vain, here's a full, head on shot of an "Old, Fat Lady with a Droopy Eye" ~ quite content with her world!

DREAM says...

..."If you like these pictures, come back tomorrow! Mom's got lots more that she's going to share...."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


While we are waiting for Pam's photographs:
She said she took over 400, so it's taking her awhile to go through them all! Of course, when you're trying to get Good pictures of an Old, Fat, woman with a Droopy eye, the challenge is great. Throw in a flock of overly affectionate Shetland sheep and it may just be insurmountable!

So, I went out and took a bunch of pictures (surprise, Surprise!) Of my flock, in the ditch that I fenced in for them. If you look closely, along the right-hand side of this picture, you can see the 'step in posts' that I use to set up temporary (and NOT so temporary!) grazing areas.

I love that my girls have tons of long grass to keep them fit while they're nursing those babies! Here, Dream and Diva enjoy a leisurely lunch...

I LOVE my new 10 X ZOOM Lens!

While walking through the ditch and socializing with the lambs, I pick up any debris that no-brained, moronic imbiciles, with no respect for nature or the property rights of others passers-by inadvertently misplaced in the ditch.

Sometimes, I find REAL treasures!

Happy Dogs!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photo Shoot...

* As always, Click on any image to "bigify"!

My wonderful, oldest daughter Pam (aka: Princess ~ Meem) came out to do a photo shoot of me and my sheep today. You may have noticed that I rather like sheep pictures. Since I am usually the photographer, I don't have any of me with my sheep. So I asked my daughter to help out...

Of course, the first rule of professional photography is: Know your subject. Here, Pam is getting acquainted with one of the prospective models.

Soon, Cassy and her sister Chance were giving Meem pointers on how 'Mom' does it!

Rule # 2 in professional photography is: Stay LOW! The sheep look much better if the photographer stays low to the ground when photographing. The girls had to help Pam grasp this rule...

Pam was a bit reluctant to really 'get down' but the lambs persisted. Especially Cassie, who was quite good at putting Pam in the correct position!

Fortunately, my Princess was a good sport and the afternoon was a real pleasure for Shepherdess, sheep and photographer alike.

I can't wait to see the pictures!!
DREAM says...

..."Me either! I think Pam got some real good pictures of me and Mom!!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurry, before they're GROWN...

Look at all the sheep in my back yard!!! I love that my place is so small that the sheep are never far from the house.

Yup ~ I got my new camera. It's a Canon PowerShot S51S. Lot's of "bells & whistles" that I have no idea how to use and Lord knows when I'll have time to actually sit down and read the owner's manual! But, I think I'm gonna like it. I LOVE the 10X Optical Zoom! Look at the beautiful, golden, butterscotch color on "Bluff Country Sunshine".

Meredith thinks the new camera is pretty cool!

Zest's handsome son: "Bluff Country Moon Shadow" has lost his white, krunet marking but he is absolutely, breath-takingly, STUNNING! What a gorgeous ram lamb. I hope somebody buys him and SHOWS him...

Diva's beautiful, dark brown: "Bluff Country Mystery". Simply exquisite!

Zodiak's "Bluff Country Deja Vu". I can't believe how much she looks like Dream!

Baby "Bluff Country Bountry Hunter" is sprouting horns ~ and check out his GOATEE!!

As is Alice's incredibly handsome, MACHO "Bluff Country Outlaw". And all the rest of the ram lambs... ;-)

As much as I'd love to continue this Walk down Lamb Lane, I really do need to get some work done around here (and take more pictures!!!). I volunteered to work some overtime this afternoon. The money comes in handy (as in NEW CAMERA) but I sure do hate giving up my weekend off!!!

DREAM says...

..."Cool Camera, Mom! Now you can take LOTS of pictures of me and MY babies!!!"


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