Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurry, before they're GROWN...

Look at all the sheep in my back yard!!! I love that my place is so small that the sheep are never far from the house.

Yup ~ I got my new camera. It's a Canon PowerShot S51S. Lot's of "bells & whistles" that I have no idea how to use and Lord knows when I'll have time to actually sit down and read the owner's manual! But, I think I'm gonna like it. I LOVE the 10X Optical Zoom! Look at the beautiful, golden, butterscotch color on "Bluff Country Sunshine".

Meredith thinks the new camera is pretty cool!

Zest's handsome son: "Bluff Country Moon Shadow" has lost his white, krunet marking but he is absolutely, breath-takingly, STUNNING! What a gorgeous ram lamb. I hope somebody buys him and SHOWS him...

Diva's beautiful, dark brown: "Bluff Country Mystery". Simply exquisite!

Zodiak's "Bluff Country Deja Vu". I can't believe how much she looks like Dream!

Baby "Bluff Country Bountry Hunter" is sprouting horns ~ and check out his GOATEE!!

As is Alice's incredibly handsome, MACHO "Bluff Country Outlaw". And all the rest of the ram lambs... ;-)

As much as I'd love to continue this Walk down Lamb Lane, I really do need to get some work done around here (and take more pictures!!!). I volunteered to work some overtime this afternoon. The money comes in handy (as in NEW CAMERA) but I sure do hate giving up my weekend off!!!

DREAM says...

..."Cool Camera, Mom! Now you can take LOTS of pictures of me and MY babies!!!"


  1. Yea!!! for the new camera!!

  2. Congrats on the new camera Nancy. I got a Canon PowerShot SX100IS last Christmas and I love the 10X zoom too. It does lots of things I don't know anything about. Looks like you're doing real well figuring out how to use yours though. I love the shot of your mioget lamb. ;-)

  3. Loving those beautiful lambs! The colouring on Bluff Country Sunshine is simply stunning!

  4. Terry8:02 PM

    Yes, this is the Nancy I know and come to visit, too! Pam got some good ones!!!



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