Sunday, May 18, 2008

TOUGH Decisions....

The lambs are growing so fast that the pictures I take one day are out dated the next!

This is my beatufiul Cassy ("Bluff Country Casino Royale") and her twin sister "Chance". I'm planning on keeping Chance but Cassy and her dam: Little Red Oak Serendipity are on my 2008 Breeding Stock For Sale List.

Sera is a beautiful yearling ewe that I purchased from Gail at Little Red Oak Farm, in Central Minnesota. I love her dearly and she is SO pretty ~ but I am serious about cutting back my numbers and keeping her daughter means that Sera will have to make some other Shepherd beautiful babies....

This incredibly handsome ram lamb is "Bluff Country White Night"

I'm thinking he just MIGHT carry spots....

Night has a beautiful, twin sister that I plan on keeping. Which of course means that their beautiful dam, "Bluff Country Flash Flood", will have to move on. THAT'S going to be hard!


  1. I know what you mean about change. The twins already look a kit different than they did on Wednesday.
    Lambs are still outstanding! Thanks for advice.

  2. We're doing the same thing here, Nancy. When you have a small place, you really have to keep the numbers down. I will be keeping a few ewes, but most are for sale and two with ram lambs at side right now. It's so hard to make these I know why people have big ranches. So you can keep 'em all!



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