Monday, May 05, 2008

I'd Almost Forgotten....

Lambing season is over in the Bluff Country!
I came home from work, yesterday afternoon, to find my beautiful, little Dilemma with THIS:

Emma and her adorable, Moorit (fawn?) and white, HST son are doing fine. What a cutie he is! Perfect little yuglet eye patches and four white socks.

While Dilemma takes a couple of days to get to know her little guy, I'm making friends with the BIG ram lambs!

This is Alice's incredibly handsome (and well built!) BLUFF COUNTRY OUTLAW.

He is simply stunning. Look at the wool on his cheeks and poll!

Outlaw has the most amazing, uniformly crimped fleece that is extra thick and soft. This photo shows his fleece from neck to britch and there is little to no difference!

OK...I've GOT to get off the computer! I'm taking the girls and lambs "Out for Breakfast"...This is where you'll find us:

DREAM says....

"My sheep Mom and I are hiding up by the house with all our babies! Did you SEE all the lambs out there???"


  1. Love the picture of Dream and her mom and all their babies. Lovely group!

  2. Oh, what a little cutie to finish off your lambing season! Congratulations on making it through. I still have three to go, and it may take weeks for two of them. Looks like you have a lot of grass already.

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Your lambs are beautiful.
    I just love the "Dream Team".

    Thanks for all the great photos-

  4. That little guy is sure a cutie! It's always like Christmas when lambing season comes...and you're just as glad to get it over and get on with life again. :)
    Blessings on each and every one of those babies, Nancy! :)

  5. OK, Nancy...spill the beans...WHO DID YOUR BC SIGN??? It's wonderful!



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