Friday, May 09, 2008

Shades of Brown...

I do believe we have our very first dark brown Shetland in the Bluff Country!

Meet "Bluff Country Mystery". Mystery is A DARK BROWN/smirslet, out of Sheltering Pines Diva (fawn/HST) and sired by Kimberwood Hunter (fawn/HST). I have had a number of 'modified' lambs, over the years, and have come to expect a lot of my moorits to actually be fawn. But this is the first time I've seen an actual Dark Brown!

Isn't she lovely? Her conformation is outstanding as well! ;-)

This is a shot of Mystery with her twin sister (Fawn/HST), Bluff Country Prima Dona.

And here's one of Diva with both of her beautiful daughters!

Another wonderful color that we're experiencing for the first time is MIOGET! Meet "Bluff Country Sunshine".

It has a beautiful, golden glow. Again, one of my Sheltering Pines girls (this time Savannah) is responsible when bred to Kimberwood Hunter.

This is Sunshine next to Bluff Country Bling (Moorit(?)/HsT). Then again, Bling's dam is Bluff Country Zaria and she's SHAELA! It'll be interesting to see what color Bling ends up...

And this is a delightful hodge-podge of browns!

I may just have to keep experimenting with these 'modified' breedings!

The DREAM TEAM says...

"HEY! 'Sleeping Beauty's brown!!!"

That she is, my Beauties. That she is...

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  1. They are all so beautiful. What a wonderful breeding program you have!

  2. Thank you, Lauren! I have to admit: I am proud and excited with the progress my breeding program is showing. Of course, there's still lots to keep working on but at least I feel like I'm moving in the direction that I WANT to...

  3. Hey Nancy! The babies look beautiful! Congrats!!!

  4. How beautiful and how exciting many beautiful colors and markings each one must be a total surprise. How many bucks do you keep? Do they all get along? I think I'm having all the baby boys wethered. It's a tough decision.

  5. Terry9:43 PM


    Thanks for your hospitality today--it did my mood a world of good to be a shepherd for a few hours, even if my little Godiva was elusive and raggedy looking!

    If you should by chance find my pedometer--somewhere it dropped off my belt. Little black plastic thing with a clip...




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