Saturday, May 03, 2008

We Interrupt this Lambing season for this SPECIAL REPORT...

I received these sad/funny but true commentaries in an email forwarded to me by my Ex-Husband, that he received from his new girlfriend. Life is weird!

She seems like a REAL smart Lady!! Good sense of humor too ~ she's going to NEED that.....

The DREAM TEAM says....

"We're sticking to BIO-FUEL!"


  1. LOL, Nancy. Too bad it's so true! A big portion of our stimulus payment is going to put a MINIMUM fill in our propane tank. It really burns me up to think about the oil companies rolling in the record profits.
    Thank goodness we have bouncy little lambs full of the best kind of energy -- life!

  2. Nancy,
    I have been reading your enteries for awhile now and enjoy them. the cartoons are great. I have been divorced for a few years now and I absolutely love having my own farm to run just as I see fit. It is a wonderful "peace" of mind. I got a polled ram from Juliann last year & got a ewe and ram lamb from him this year.....its the little things in life that makes me happy:) kristi

  3. LOL, how true and here in the UK we pay proportionately rather more for our fuel than you guys do! Ours is going through the roof right now! Grrr.

    So Dreamer had triplets! How gorgeous are they?! Well done girl :o)



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