Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to Choose...

It's hard to chose which pictures to feature on my blog. Pam took so many wonderful photos of my sheep. I've decided to focus on show casing how much pleasure I get from time spent with my flock ~ our "bond" and the personalities of the individual sheep.

This is Zaria's handsome, HST ram lamb: "Bluff Country Bling". He's got SO much poll and cheek wool that he looks like a Teddy Bear! A very sweet, gentle fellow.

Of course, I can't sit with just one lamb for long.

This is, by far, the friendliest batch of lambs that I've ever had. And I haven't even started them on Animal Crackers yet!!

Of course, the mature ewes have to get their fair share of attention too! Zodiak (Dream's dam and the mother of triplets this year), is quite good at making sure that I don't forget her...

Sometimes a girl's just got to lie down and take a break...

So much for "taking a break"!

Kat Nap and Chance are two of my friendliest girls. I'm keeping Chance, but someone is going to get a REALLY wonderful lamb when they buy Kat Nap!

Chance is VERY happy that I'm keeping her...

Of course, sometimes Kat Nap gets a little bit Jealous! HELP!

The Shepherdess with "Bluff Country Take a Chance"...
A peaceful moment with "Bluff Country Kat Nap"...

LIFE IS GOOD in the Bluff Country...


  1. Nancy! I LOVE THIS POST!!! These are great pictures. I have to save this post. It really shows the nancy that I see when I visit. What a great group of pictures. I hope you get some of these framed. Plus my daughter was really excited to get to see what you looked like. She loves to look at your blog. Bling is looking awesome.

  2. Thank you, Becca! It's nice to hear from you ~ you know that I worry when you're too quiet. ;-)

    Bling really is an awesome ram lamb. I've got some great, close up shots that show the incredible amount of fleece he's got on his poll and cheeks. My only concern with him is that his horns seem awfully slow growing. I'm wondering if he isn't actually going to end up a half-poll! His dam (Zaria ~ a Zorro daughter) has thrown one before. Doesn't it always seem like the ones with the best fleece end up polled carriers?...

    I'll stay in touch with you regarding Bling!

  3. you look very happy mom, that makes me very happy. i love you moore

  4. Oh dear, don't tell me the ram Becca was supposed to get could be half-polled! How is it that those who are looking for them have to hunt far and wide, and those who don't want them end up with so many?

    I think Pam could rent herself out to other Shetland shepherds and make a few bucks! Of course, then we'd have to rent your green pastures and gorgeous sheep for the photo shoot, too.... ;-)

  5. These photos of you in love with your flock, rolling about in such emerald pastures and evincing such joy makes me rather envious- SUPER post!




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