Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I went outside this morning with the intentions of taking pictures of some of my show quality, SOLID COLOR, ram lambs.

This is Alice (X Moon's) awesome, moorit ram lamb: "Bluff Country Outlaw". He is simply stunning! Flawless conformation, a nice tail, gorgeous, uniformly crimpy,intermediate fleece, wool on the poll and cheeks ~ I wouldn't hesitate to walk into a show ring with this boy!! Of course, we have to watch the horn growth on ram lambs. Outlaw's are very widely spaced and he does come with a horn guarantee! See more lambs AND adult Shetlands for sale on my Breeding Stock for Sale Blog...

It was when I sat down, to get a 'sheep's eye view' of the boys, that my GIRLS noticed me and came for some lovin'!

I have NEVER had such a friendly bunch of ewe lambs!

To say that I am enjoying them would be the Understatement of the century!! ;-)

I must say though ~ they make it VERY difficult to take good photographs!!!

Here, Cassy has the strap to my camera in her MOUTH!

I actually got up and RAN AWAY from the group, to try to get a better perspective. It's very difficult to get a decent photo of a sheep that is climbing on your LAP!

Dream's "Cat Nap" lead the charge back to me...

"BLING" decided he wanted in on the fun.

Such problems I have!

DREAM says...

..."I know JUST how you feel, Mom!"


  1. be loved.....there is no greater gift or finer blessing.

  2. That picture of Cat Nap leading the charge is priceless!




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