Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Days...

I had no idea what I wanted to blog about today so I decided to go out and take some pictures. I needed to sit with my sheep anyway as I'd had an awful night at work, last night. In fact, it was my worst day at work ~ ever. In over three years. Nothing big. Just a bunch of little things ~ one right after another ~ that really brought me down. That's OK. It's just a job. And I'm lucky to have a job!

So, I'll sit with the sheep for awhile. They always make me feel better. I'll take lots of pictures. That's usually how I get my inspiration for blogging.

I'm thinking I might do a cat and sheep blog post.

Daisy is visiting the flock this morning.

Bella is always so photogenic.

Maybe I'll post about her.

Then, I notice my "pumpkin patch".

Or, what has been ~ will be ~ my pumpkin patch! It's time to get that tilled and plant my pumpkins! I'm way behind. But it was too cold. Then, too hot! Today's a perfect day to prepare my pumpkin patch! I'll do that. There's a piece of wire fence in there that I usually keep around the Snow Crabapple Tree that I planted in my backyard last year. It's growing so nicely and I don't want to take a chance on the sheep getting at it. I moved the fence when I mowed the back yard this past weekend. I'll put it back around the tree as soon as I come back outside after posting...

So I come in the house and start downloading pictures. I got some nice ones. Bella is bugging me. She can't have to go outside ~ we just came in. I can hear the sheep, chattering outside my window. I'm SO enjoying the cooler weather.

Bella is getting quite persistent. I hear a lamb calling it's mom. Then it occurs to me. The sheep are right outside my office window. That window is NOT by the pasture that they are in. Or at least it's not by the pasture they are supposed to be in...

Sure enough. I rush outside and the sheep are in my back yard. Once again, they've eaten my plants. Goodbye new geraniums that I planted after they ate my beautiful geranium tree that I'd kept over the winter. Bye-bye clematis, which was making a striking comeback. I hope the new daisies and cone flowers & hostas that I planted this weekend come back. But, my TREE! Worst of all, they got at my tree. They stripped a good portion of bark from the trunk. Pealed the truck protector right off.

It's my fault. I obviously didn't fasten the gate.

I'm going to take a nap now...

DREAM says:

"Damn sheep!"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Shepherding...

I just HAD to get rid of that awful picture of Zorro! Time for something more attractive! ;-)

How about handsome, "Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon"? He's a stunning 2 year old moorit/smirslet ram with two white stockings, nice, soft fleece and a perfect tail. And he's FOR SALE! Moon has sired some gorgeous lambs for me and I'm keeping several of his daughters. Since I plan on breeding VERY few years in the future, I just don't need to keep multiple breeding rams. So Moon is looking for a new home. The first person to send me $150.00 gets themselves a VERY nice, HST producing, Shetland ram!

Not in the market for a ram? OK ~ she's not for sale but here's a pretty picture of my little Dazzle!

And here she is with her dam ~ "Bluff Country Zest" who is in absolute heaven getting a good scratch off the cement bench in the lamb paddock.Click to see the pure ecstasy on Zest's face!)

"Enough, Mom! This is getting embarrassing!"

LUCA says:

"It sure beats the picture of the bloody stump. Much better!"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

NOT a Pretty Picture...

But he's on the mend!

Zorro's horn casing fell off (all by it's self!) That's a big relief. The horn is much more likely to grow back, correctly, if the casing isn't pushing it into a poor position.

The photo makes it look worse than it is because I sprayed the stump with "RedCoat" (red ~ antibiotic) and "Screw Worm Spray" (blue ~ kills/repels flies and their eggs/larva)

Needless to say, Zorry does NOT like it when I cover his eyes with a towel and spray his stump until it's saturated. I will continue to do so, in spite of the little guy's protests, for a few more days ~ until healing is well under way.

"Buck - buck - That's just too bad about that poor little lamb's horn... baWAUK" !

Friday, June 26, 2009

(as my Beautiful Baby Girl would say):

"Oh, CRAP!"

Poor Zorro!

When Pam brought me home from the hospital, early last evening, we stood and looked at the lambs grazing in the front yard. She asked me who the one with the funny looking "unicorn horn was". My response..."What the HELL???"

THIS is what 4 1/2 week old Zorro looked like yesterday MORNING:

He's SUCH a sweet boy!

DREAM says:

"Oh, Crap!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

BELLA Says...

"Mom's Fine!"

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. If I ever have to have another colonoscopy, I won't worry a bit!

Unfortunately, things were not all well, at home, when I got back.
Details (and photos) tomorrow...

Good Morning...

It's a beautiful, foggy morning in the Bluff Country. I've got a few minutes before I have to get ready for my doctor appointment so thought I'd quick share some photos that I took this morning as well as my thoughts regarding having a colonoscopy...

Isn't Luca beautiful? I'm quite proud of my 'home-grown' boy.

All three of my chickens/roosters like to come out for a walk-a-bout the yard first thing every morning.

I've finished the prep for my colonoscopy. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared!

I found that if you add a packet of Crystal Lite to the gunk you have to drink (and keep the mug you're going to drink it out of in the freezer,between servings) it isn't half bad. No gaggy, hold my nose or I'll throw up feelings at all!

Suffice it to say that the medication did it's job. VERY thoroughly!


I do think that I was very lucky in that I have an afternoon appointment for the actual procedure. Because of that, I only had to drink half of the prep, last night, and the other half this morning. Now, nothing, NADA, ZILCH until it's done. Which, of course means that I am immediately STARVING!!!

My wonderful Princess (aka Pam ~ my eldest daughter) is picking me up to take me to the hospital for my appointment. Maybe we can go out to eat when it's done...

DREAM says:

..."Have a great day!"

I LOVE this picture!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm No Quitter...

I saw Dazzle standing by the gate, looking very pretty.

Now's my chance! I'll get some GOOD pictures of her!

Yeah, right.

Dazzle, my friends...

is a TEASE!

OOOOO! OOOOOO! Maybe I can get a good shot of her on top of the dog house...

I'm beginning to think this is personal!

But I know that she loves me...

She just doesn't stand still very often!

ZUMBA says....

"Perhaps Mom is losing her touch???"

I kid you not ~ I called the nurse and she said that I can have white wine (as in PINOT GRIGIO) as a clear fluid, while I'm prepping for my colonoscopy.
OK. She did say "one or two glasses" . But she didn't say how BIG the glasses had to be...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Golden Time...

My favorite time of day is that time, shortly before the sun sets, when the shadows grow long and everything takes on a golden glow.

For as long as I can remember, I've called it "Golden Time"

I know, very original...

Tomorrow is my "prep day" for my colonoscopy.
Perhaps I'll share it on here...

Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm sick. Yes, again. Or maybe it's still. I don't know. All I know is that I'm sick. So, today, I'll share Daisy. She makes me smile...

Daisy loves the sheep.

At least she loves the ewe lambs.

She may be somewhat less enamored with the ram lambs.

If you 'embiggen' this picture, you'll see that Daisy has a headlock on one of Razzle's horns!

Sometimes, Daisy has difficulty deciding which way she wants to go ~ check out her back feet versus her front in this photo...

She's my "Pretty Kitty"

Daisy Rules

(but LILY is my 'Snuggle Kitty'! That's a whole, nother post...)


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