Sunday, June 14, 2009


I bet I mowed for 8 hours yesterday. I don't want to let the unused pastures go to seed as I read that that reduces the nutritional value of the grass.

I moved the boys to fresh pasture and was mowing their old one when I noticed what I thought was a large branch down, on the fence in the boys new pasture.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this was not a large branch ~ it was the whole tree!

Oh, my! That might be a bit more than I and my trusty hand saw can handle.

The boys didn't seem too traumatized by the uninvited guest in their pasture.

I cut off a bunch of the smaller branches and gave them to the girls.

Amazingly enough, the fence never shorted out! It remained hot until my 'gentleman friend' came over this morning and cut up the tree for me. I managed to re tighten the fence, all by myself and I spent today planting perennials!

DREAM says...

"...sigh...Life is Good, in the Bluff Country".

That it is, my Dreamer. That it is.


  1. Wow, always excitement in sleepy little yucatan! Im glad the electricity stayed up so you didn't have to stress any MORE, and im more glad its all fixed now, well done!

  2. wait.. did i read "gentleman friend"??!! Is this a 'hint' at some kind of boyfriend perhaps?? :) :) >:)

  3. Single farm women are the best...and a "gentlemen friend" sounds quite long as he is willing to lend a helping hand LOL

  4. There's always something isn't there?! Glad it got sorted quickly. I so wish I had your lovely pasture; grazing is becoming an issue for me yet again! Sigh!

  5. I wonder what brought that tree down? Is the ground very dry at the moment? or perhaps you've had thunder and lightning. In any case, it must have made you sigh when you saw it. I think you earned your rest that evening!
    Blessings, Star

  6. Nancy, you work too hard. I want to hear more about "gentleman friend."

    Gabbi's mother completely rejected her. After the C-section, SweetPea never knew she had had a baby. However, SweetPea is still young and loves to play with all the kids, just doesn't want to be nursed.

  7. You guys are Terrible!!! Can't a girl keep any secrets?


    My "genlenman friend" is exactly that. A true gentleman, who just happens to be very handsome, kind, funny, generous and my best friend. And he will remain just that!

    I've been married three times. There is nothing on Earth that could compell me to do that again! I truly love living alone and have no desire to share my life ~ that closely ~ with anyone, ever again. So, he will remain my "gentleman friend" (yes, Kathy ~ with benefits. Really awesome benefits! But we don't need to go there...) for as long as he is willing to put up with this crazy lady who puts her family and her flock and her dogs and just about everything else ahead of him.

    I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone, but this is truly how I want things to be.

  8. Nancy, sounds to me like you're just being smart! Companionship is great-under whatever terms works for you. (I already knew, I follow you on Twitter!)

  9. Sounds like you have a great thing going ;). You go, Sister!



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