Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crying (again)...

I booked the shipper today.

The guy who's going to haul 15 of my sheep from here to Maryland.

I should be celebrating.

And I truly AM grateful...

but I'm gonna miss my sheep!

DREAM says:

"It's a good thing that 10 of us girls are staying! Poor Mom, she never did do very well with letting her girls go...."


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    It has to be a bit of a shock to know that you will lose half of your flock all at once. I am glad they will be going to a good home. I am glad you are keeping 10 good friends with you at your farm.

    Carol Bator

  2. My heart goes out to you... :) I hate saying goodbye to animals. It's worse than saying goodbye to humans because they don't understand, do they!
    Blessings, Star

  3. That's why I don't breed my sheep (on purpose) very often. I just can't stand to sell them :-(.

    Love the 4th picture down.

  4. 15? No wonder you're upset! I hope their new home is as loving as this one.

  5. It's ok to cry, it's probably even good. It means you are a WONDERFUL shepherd. You just make that buyer promise to send you some pictures that will make you cry with joy, when you see your girls having fun and exploring, and settling in happily to their new home. I bet they'd say thank you if they could.

  6. Oh Nancy, I can't imagine how hard that is going to be! I know you love all your sheep, so sending away 15 pieces of your heart is going to HURT. Be sure and spend as much time as you can with the remaining ten; they will pour balm in the holes.

  7. They're like your babies so it must be hard. I feel for you.



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