Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Morning...

It's a beautiful, foggy morning in the Bluff Country. I've got a few minutes before I have to get ready for my doctor appointment so thought I'd quick share some photos that I took this morning as well as my thoughts regarding having a colonoscopy...

Isn't Luca beautiful? I'm quite proud of my 'home-grown' boy.

All three of my chickens/roosters like to come out for a walk-a-bout the yard first thing every morning.

I've finished the prep for my colonoscopy. It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared!

I found that if you add a packet of Crystal Lite to the gunk you have to drink (and keep the mug you're going to drink it out of in the freezer,between servings) it isn't half bad. No gaggy, hold my nose or I'll throw up feelings at all!

Suffice it to say that the medication did it's job. VERY thoroughly!


I do think that I was very lucky in that I have an afternoon appointment for the actual procedure. Because of that, I only had to drink half of the prep, last night, and the other half this morning. Now, nothing, NADA, ZILCH until it's done. Which, of course means that I am immediately STARVING!!!

My wonderful Princess (aka Pam ~ my eldest daughter) is picking me up to take me to the hospital for my appointment. Maybe we can go out to eat when it's done...

DREAM says:

..."Have a great day!"

I LOVE this picture!


  1. I love your view with the fog on the hills. So incredibly beautiful, especially with sheep in the foreground.
    Have a nice big lunch!

  2. We get our colonoscopies too. The day before is the worse day and the procedure is no big deal. We're fortunate that our health insurance provides 100% covereage for colonoscopies. Yes, go out to eat afterwards!

  3. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Best of luck to you Nancy! Thanks again for the regular pictures from your fabulous farm!

    Rich Johnson

  4. Thanks for the lovely photos - even Dream's rear end! I think she meant that as a message to you. Sounds like you had a much better attitude about your prep than I did mine! All the best wishes for the outcome.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  5. hmmm, well good luck with it. Hope it's not too bad!
    The sheep and chickens and rooster are gorgeous.
    Blessings, Star

  6. I hope everything went well today.
    Beautiful pictures, as always :).

  7. You know, they just don't tell you that when you get older they'll be putting cameras where they really shouldn't go! The prep is alot worse than the procedure - at least with our endoscopy doctor. She gives you meds so you don't know what the heck is going on. ;)
    But, it's so important to have this done, Nancy. Good for you, girl!



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