Friday, June 26, 2009

(as my Beautiful Baby Girl would say):

"Oh, CRAP!"

Poor Zorro!

When Pam brought me home from the hospital, early last evening, we stood and looked at the lambs grazing in the front yard. She asked me who the one with the funny looking "unicorn horn was". My response..."What the HELL???"

THIS is what 4 1/2 week old Zorro looked like yesterday MORNING:

He's SUCH a sweet boy!

DREAM says:

"Oh, Crap!"


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Good to see you made it through the colonoscopy, Nancy. This will show my ignorance on sheep-care: with Zorro's horn bent/broken, does it compromise his health--infections or attract flies ?
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  2. Not a bad question at all, Diane! Yes, if left uncared for, Zorro's horn could cause problems. I brought him in and cleaned it up last night. I soaked it with antibiotic spray (covered his eyes with a towel) and put fly repellent on it today. I also gave him a tetnus shot. I'll clean it and put fly repellent on it daily and watch for any signs of infection. This is not an uncommon injury among ram lambs and most heal quite well...

  3. You were right, OH CRAP! What could have happened to him!? It looks really painful, is he ok?

  4. Oh crap is right. Don't you hate when they do that. Argh.

  5. Are you sure you just said, "Oh crap"? LOL When that happened to my Jammer lamb, I recall a #$@* coming out of my mouth:) Glad to hear you are doing okay....hope your relaxing this weekend!

  6. Oh no, I had to show the before and after to my husband. Poor Zorro.

  7. Poor little boy! What a thing to greet you when you got home. I hope he's OK - it will give him a rakish look!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  8. Nancy glad to hear everything at the hospital went well, but what a horrible home coming! One word of caution, when Cooper's horn did that I let the injured horn that was hanging there stay on too long and the new horn growth began in a more backward direction because the other horn was in the way. Just keep an eye on it as the new growth starts, I am still regreting it since it ended up giving him a fatal horn. He had the very best micron report of my whole flock and gave me very correct lambs, a katmoget that carried spots! Good luck and Wound Kote has a great spray that is an anticeptic and keeps flies away.

  9. DIdn't the first Zorro have a broken horn incident? Or am I remembering wrong? Following in the tradition I guess. Hope he heals well, he is a lovely little boy.

  10. You're right, Tammy. The original Zorro also popped a horn off when he was a lamb. But he was lucky enough to have the shell come completely come off. It's when it's still hanging on like this that I really hate it. I'm going to have the vet come out on Monday morning and remove it. I need to have health papers done for the group leaving for Maryland anyway...



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