Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shuffling Sheep...aka Pasture Rotation...

* You have GOT to click on the first photo to see the pure Jubilation on the part of these three yearlings!

I put ALL of the girls (and lambs) back together in the front pasture by the big barn.

Some of the ladies (DREAMER!) were NOT very nice to them!

"WHAT??? It's bad enough that they hog all Mom's time and all the pictures ~ now I have to share my pasture with them too???"

The boys were quite happy to get moved the the paddock that the ewes and lambs had been in.

Bling's the only ram who still needs to be sheared. I'm still trying to get my shearer out her to do the rest of the flock!

LILY wants everyone to know that she takes her turn guarding the flock as well!

Off to work I go!
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!


  1. Hi Nancy,

    Great pictures! I sent you another email, do you think Eureka could hitch a ride with Linda and Pete? Let me know your thoughts.

  2. I love the jubilant photo of the happy hoggs! Can't wait to get my girls out onto some better pasture!

  3. Great photos! Kara, you are getting Eureka? If so, very cool! :)

  4. It is up to Nancy and transportation. She might decide he needs to be closer to home or would be better suited to you or another breeding program...which is fine either way and no hard feelings. I love you guys! I want to play around with a polled ram to see where I should go in the future. I would like to add more modified, fine fleeces, and you know I have a soft spot for spots. So he might be a good fit. If not maybe one of Kristi's might work, and she has your lines but is closer; or Theresa has an option for me I think, but again transportation is an issue. Rich and Jen have those Leyland boys but I want to see what their horns/scurrs end up like when they are a little older. If something works out great, if not, there is always next year. :)

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    You can definitely sense the excitement in that first photo-those sheep have happy feet.
    Love the last photo of your happy cat.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  6. Those are some joyful, happy sheep! Great pictures!

  7. Haha! That pic has to make next year's calendar! Of course I, being me :), also loved the Lily addition at the end :)



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