Thursday, June 04, 2009

RAM Lambs...

Now that I've found good homes for the girls that I can't keep, I need to be focusing on finding homes for my handsome boys! Of course, it's too soon to tell how horns will develop on the young lads but I do sell all ram lambs with a horn guarantee ~ if the horns should grow in such a manner as to be threatening to the adult ram's health, I will replace him.

Speaking of horns...


Bluff Country Zaria (shaela/HST)
Kimberwood Hunter (mioget/HST)

It will be interesting to see how this stunning boy's develop! Eureka's dam is Bluff Country Zaria and I know that she does carry the 'half-poll' gene,from her sire, Sheepy Hollow Zorro. Zaria has thrown half-polled rams in the past and they always have THE most incredible fleeces!

On the other hand, Zaria's ram lamb, last year ~ "Bluff Country Bling" did have very slow horn growth and I thought that he might be half polled but his horns did continue to grow and now appear to be 'normal' , all be it, somewhat smaller than average.

Regardless, this handsome, shaela/emsket (both his sire and dam are modified!) ram lamb does appear to be growing little scurs. They are soft and 'wiggly' at this point. I will definitely be keeping an eye on him...

Since I am not interested in breeding for polled Shetlands,
Eureka will be available for sale for $300.00


There's no question that this big guy will be horned!

Bluff Country Destiny X Kimberwood Hunter

I REALLY like this ram lamb! He is big, powerfully built, dense fleeced and has excellent conformation and an awesome rear end and tail!

Clearly a ram lamb perpetuating the quality of his grand-dam "Highland Hollow ALICE"!

Spot (HST) carrying ~ Modified (Shaela) ~ Superb conformation ~ and just look at the wool on his cheeks and poll!

It doesn't get a whole lot better than that!

Pending proper horn growth, Dusty will be available for sale for


OK, so she's not a boy...

But I am SO in love with the gorgeous, golden/caramel color of BLUFF COUNTRY DAZZLE!! She runs to greet me every morning when I go out into the paddock.

Who cares about cars?
Or flowers???



  1. check your email

  2. They are all beautiful! You make me want Shetlands!

  3. I like your boys but Dazzle steals the scene. She so cute.

  4. I'm interested in seeing how Eureka develops as well. :)



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