Monday, June 15, 2009

Making Hay...or
...The FRUGAL SHEPHERD strikes again!

In the past, every time I mowed the pastures or ditches, I felt guilty. Guilty for wasting all of that beautiful grass ~ and, yes, even the weeds! Hopefully, no more...

When I mowed this past weekend, I used the mower to blow the clippings into concentrated rows. I let them dry yesterday and this morning I raked them up!

One of these days, I'll learn to wear gloves when I'm raking or weed-whacking. My blisters have blisters!

Every hard job, worth doing, is made more pleasant by the company of a good FARM DOG!

I'm thinking I got about 6 to 8 bales of hay, all total. I truly hope that Pride is not a sin ~ because I really am proud of myself for my morning's work. Of course, I poked lots of holes in the giant plastic bags that I filled with hay. I will take some in and have it tested for nutritional value and store it (with the bags left open) in the basement of my house (where the dehumidifier runs all summer)...

Gotta get ready for work now!


  1. We rake the yard for them after mowing even lol. They love grass clippings. We usually give them wet clippings though.

  2. Im proud of you too! That looks like it was a lot of work! Im sure it will work out perfectly in the winter :)

  3. You saved money on hay AND on a gym membership! You are rightfully proud, girl!

  4. Great idea! It's right to be pround with a job well done. After selling so many sheep you may be able to fill your basement with winter feed!

  5. Great job! There is something so satisfying about 'making hay'. I bet it smells good too. Just an idea, but you might consider an old tarp, with strings tied to short ends to load your hay on, and slide it to the barn. Works really good with barn waste, and with the lighter hay, you could probably pile it high! And you are so right--a good farm dog makes any chore better! Thanks for the great post.

  6. Do let us know how the nutrition tests and if it cures out okay. Well done!!!

  7. I want to cut grass for hay too. We had a small field that we couldn't get the tractor to that I wanted to cut, but I couldn't figure out anyway to do it. Maybe next time we mow, I'll rake it all up.

  8. Nancy, you've been prized with “Honest Weblog.” Come on over to my blog to pick up your award.

  9. Hi. I found your blog via's Michelle's awards! (Maybe awards aren't so bad after all :)

    I was glad to see you do this with your mowings. I used to do the same thing when I kept angora rabbits (much, much smaller area though.)



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