Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SAFE at Last....

The fence is fixed!

I finished up around nine o'clock last night. It was such a relief going to bed last night knowing that my sheep were safe. And I'll feel much better, leaving for work today.

I put the ewes and lambs into the pasture and ditch that the rams used to have.

It needed more sheep to keep it grazed down.

The lambs were quite excited about the big move.

Here, Godiva's girls run to Mom for comfort & nourishment when the excitement gets to be a bit much...

DREAM says:

"I'm loving the PINE TREES!"

Time for me to go to work...



  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    The photo of Godiva's lambs with 'stereo nu.rsing' is funny. Glad to read your fence is fixed.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Good job, Nancy! I am glad you got your fence fixed and don't have to worry about your lovely sheep's safety so much any more.
    Carol Bator

  3. yeah, you got the fence fixed. good job!



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