Friday, February 27, 2009

I had a WONDERFUL Birthday
and now it's time to get back to work!

Now, it's time for me to get back to work! Here's my list of "things to do" on my DAY OFF...

* post to blog
* update "Sheep For Sale"
* gather conformation photos of "Bling" for potential buyer
* pay bills on-line
* work on taxes
* clean house
* go to bank & feed mill
* mail in transfer papers on sheep that are sold
* card wool
* spin
Note my "Happy Light" smiling up at me as I sit at my computer? I think it's really helping!

Of course, I'll also feed, photograph and 'play' with my sheep ~ but that doesn't count as "work"!

DREAM says...
"Who's that goofy looking sheep with the black mask over it's eyes???"

I don't know, Dreamer, but it was a cute Birthday Card!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I SHOULD Have Bought A Lottery Ticket....

I was all set to write a great post, yesterday, but got stuck on a long-distance phone call for so long that I didn't have time to post! Here's what I was going to say...

I'm Gonna Buy A Lottery Ticket!

This is almost Spooky! When I logged onto my computer, yesterday morning ~ like I always do when I first get up: grab a cup of cappuccino, turn on my "Happy Light" and check my email ~ I was greeted by a wonderful surprise. I had received my very first "donation" to Bluff Country Shetlands/A Shepherds Voice! And a very generous donation at that. From a valued reader who leaves frequent comments on my blog and thoroughly entertains me with hers. I was absolutely thrilled and very grateful...

When I brought in the morning mail, I found a birthday card from my ex-husband. He sent me a check for $50.00!! Totally unexpected but very much appreciated. He's a much better ex-husband than he ever was a husband. (He's who I was on the phone with so long, yesterday)

See the jar of money in the photo on the top of this post? When I got to work, that was sitting on my desk! Apparently, I won it by being the closest guesser as to how much money was IN the jar! I guessed $18.41 and it actually contains $18.67

I was also informed that I won a $50.00 Walmart gift certificate in a sales contest that we were having.


I was planning on stopping to buy a lottery ticket on my way home from work, but by the time I get out (10pm), I was too tired to stop. The next morning, I awoke to another donation on my blog. I've GOT to buy a lottery ticket! Again, too tired to stop last night, and I'm always running so late that I don't have time to stop on my way TO work...

Today, I woke up to rain. My Internet server was having problems and I couldn't log onto the Internet. I tried and tried. They don't understand ~ I HAVE to check my email & do my Blog roll first thing in the morning! It's my ROUTINE!!!

At last, the sun is shining and I'm able to get on line. I'm posting this quick and then will go get snuggles from my sheep! Tomorrow, I'll post what I was GOING to post today...

DREAM says...
I'm moving in for my "Birthday snuggle!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

How all those Raisins end up in the Mineral Feeder.....

I've been wondering why I keep finding "raisins" in the mineral feeder in the big barn.

Sera (Little Red Oak Serendipity) demonstrates how this could happen by complete accident...

Sera explained that the feeder is at just the right height for a good Scratching Post!

Since I suffer from a chronic itch ~ right between my shoulder blades ~ I can relate to the need to find relief...

This does seem to be a Serious problem...
Daisy the cat says "Take it easy Sera! You're going to knock the thing right off the wall"!

Sera says...
..."But I itch!"

DREAM says...
"That's Disgusting!!"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Call to Arms....

Thank you Tina, for sharing the link to Citizen Sam: Citizens Support America's Military.

Operation Helmetliner
The Tip of the Spear

"The focus of Operation Helmetliner is the ground troops in war zones who are at the "tip of the spear". These soldiers are serving on the front of the war on terrorism and many are in remote combat outposts located away from the usual logistic system that provides to larger forward operating bases and air fields.

Our Armed Forces at those locations have no way of purchasing items they so desperately need. If someone doesn't mail those items to them, they can't get them.

The helmet liners and scarves are only sent when there’s enough to outfit the entire unit so no one is left out.

There is no deadline for this project. Please help us by spreading the word to other crafters. Thank you! Find out more."

They actually REQUIRE that all items are knitted from WOOL because of it's superior insulating qualities and flame retardant properties.

What if everyone that reads this blog (even if it's just this ONE time!) commits to making a scarf or helmet liner? Think about it! We could help protect a whole platoon ~ or battalion ~ or whatever they're called!

If you'd like, I'd be willing to be the "gathering place" for all of the completed scarves & helmet liners so that we can mail them all in together and really see what a difference we can make when we all work together! How many do you think we could come up with in say ~ six months? If we plan on mailing in all that we complete by September first, we'll have a real goal and I'll post the results on here. What do you think????

There are lots of other projects that you can participate in at Citizen Sam. Please check them out.

DREAM says...
"We're doing our part! We're growing wool just as Fast as we can!!"

And your wool will be just perfect for a scarf and/or helmet liner for some lucky soldier/sailor/marine/airman! Thank you Dreamer!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Like Mother, Like SON???

This is Zaria's handsome son (by Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon),

I think it's apparent that Zaria's modified genetics have transformed Moon's lovely moorit fleece into an exquisite MIOGET (soft, golden) fleece on their son!

And just Look At This Fleece...

Bling's dam, Zaria, does carry the "half-polled" gene (from her sire, Sheepy Hollow Zorro) and as a young lamb, I thought Bling might possibly be half-polled, as his horns were quite small and slow growing. However,

His horns have shown a remarkable growth spurt and are decidedly wider at the base now than they were last fall. I'm quite sure he will have lovely, wide sweeping horns. (but for those of you interested in breeding for polled rams, he might still be of value to your breeding goals....)

DREAM says....
"Yup. He's a real cutie!"

Thank you for sharing that, Dreamer. We All value your opinion VERY highly!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Favorite Fleece...

Is the fleece that I LOVE.

fleece is as soft as butter...

it has a fine, uniform crimp and long staple length...

a beautiful, metallic color...

and a beautiful, silken sheen and handle.


I would be absolutely thrilled and ecstatically happy if EVERY lamb born to my flock had fleece like "BLUFF COUNTRY ZARIA"

ZARIA says...
"Gee, THANKS, Mom! It's nice to be appreciated!"

"It's HARD WORK growing all this fleece!"

It looks like Zaria is growing at LEAST two lambs again this year, as well!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a WONDERFUL Morning...

I sat with my sheep yesterday.
Why the heck haven't I done more of that?
I forgot how incredibly happy and at peace I feel when I sit with my sheep.

Yesterday was particularly special because I sat with the group of girls that are bred to Kimberwood Hunter. As a rule, these girls do not get as much attention from me as Dream and the other group of ladies in the front pasture. Alice's daughter, especially, has always been quite shy and unfriendly reserved. For some, unknown, reason, Destiny has finally decided that I'm OK! She actually LIKES it when I pet her. She loves it when I rub both sides of her head with my hands and reach deep down into her fleece to scratch her. Up until yesterday, the closest I could get to Destiny was holding a cookie in my outstretched hand which she would grab (frequently with the tip of my fingers!) and run. This is the first time that she has actually let me pet her. Now, it's hard to get a picture of her because she's always trying to come closer to me!

I love it when my sheep mob me...

Tomorrow I'm going to show you my favorite fleece and the ewe who grows it...

DREAM says...

..."TODAY you better come out and sit with ME!"
(photo of Baby Dream taken June, 2006)

On my way Dreamer ~ I'm on my way...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I KNOW.....

I don't even know where to start so I'll just jump in...

I finished this funky scarf that I've been working on at work.

It's 100% wool from roving that I purchased. I had two small balls of yarn and decided that the colors and textures would make an interesting scarf so there ya go!

I'm in the process of putting together an "On-Line" shop. This scarf, along with roving, yarn and my knitted/felted bag, even my shawl will all be available on there. (SOMEDAY!)

Did you notice my beautiful, wicker TRUNK??? My friend, Virginia, took me on a tour of an Amish community and I just couldn't resist! Maybe now I can keep my cats out of the roving I am currently spinning...

Some, incredibly kind, thoughtful person sent me a Light Therapy Lamp! I have no idea who the person who sent it is but I am very grateful! I'm using it every day.

DREAM says...

"I hope it helps..."

Monday, February 09, 2009

What I Did This Weekend...
a.k.a. My CRAZY Friends!

Here's the Thing...

I've been very busy trying to get things organized so that I can start Selling some of my rovings/batts & yarns. Saturday, I dug out tons of stuff that I've been "meaning to do something with". Sunday morning, I arranged a photo shoot ~ in my living room ~ so that I can start advertising stuff. (more about that later)

Shortly after trashing my house, setting up the 'photo shoot', my doorbell rang. It was Virginia ~ coming to spin, card, and knit with me. A few minutes later, Terry pulled up the drive. What fun! We're going to have a playing with fiber day!!

The ladies took turns spinning on my Roberta Electronic spinner (of which I have decided I am going to become a distributor!). Notice Terry's attire: I do keep my thermostat at 50 degrees! I did turn it up (all the way to sixty!) for the girls but they still seemed to think that it was "rather cool".

Virginia wrapped herself up in one of my shawls and was modeling the gigantic 'bag' that I knit ~ ages ago, and am finally going to felt!

OMG! She cracks me up!!!

Then, Virginia gets the brilliant idea that the bag would be a perfect "cat carrier".


Poor Lily! (this woman is a HOSPICE NURSE!)

Virginia assures me that Lily "likes it!"

OK, Virginia...let the nice kitty out now.

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post.

DREAM says...
"I was wondering what was going on in there ~ those ladies were mighty rowdy!!"

I'm still chuckling, Dreamer!


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