Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a WONDERFUL Morning...

I sat with my sheep yesterday.
Why the heck haven't I done more of that?
I forgot how incredibly happy and at peace I feel when I sit with my sheep.

Yesterday was particularly special because I sat with the group of girls that are bred to Kimberwood Hunter. As a rule, these girls do not get as much attention from me as Dream and the other group of ladies in the front pasture. Alice's daughter, especially, has always been quite shy and unfriendly reserved. For some, unknown, reason, Destiny has finally decided that I'm OK! She actually LIKES it when I pet her. She loves it when I rub both sides of her head with my hands and reach deep down into her fleece to scratch her. Up until yesterday, the closest I could get to Destiny was holding a cookie in my outstretched hand which she would grab (frequently with the tip of my fingers!) and run. This is the first time that she has actually let me pet her. Now, it's hard to get a picture of her because she's always trying to come closer to me!

I love it when my sheep mob me...

Tomorrow I'm going to show you my favorite fleece and the ewe who grows it...

DREAM says...

..."TODAY you better come out and sit with ME!"
(photo of Baby Dream taken June, 2006)

On my way Dreamer ~ I'm on my way...


  1. I really didn't see your blog entry until I was done writing mine. Great minds........... Some people would think we are a little strange. It is a good thing that there are other sheep/animal people out there.

  2. What beautiful sheep, I especially like the light brown one in the top picture. What a pretty color! I have a couple goats like that, they were "reserved" until this year and for no apparent reason just turned into attention hounds overnight it seemed. I think it is great!

  3. Good for you for spending some 'happy time' with your woolies! I am sure that they loved it as much as you did :).

  4. Hi.....
    Lovely photos, What beautiful sheep,

  5. I agree....we should make a point every day to sit and talk with our animals. I too love it when I get mobbed. I like to think it's because they love me back but I think it's the cookies in my pockets!

  6. Terry7:13 AM

    Hi Nancy,

    I see Godiva is coming close to you, too! I am too busy. I was 3 blogs behind when I checked out your blog this morning.

    Must go get ready for work now., but Hi!!!!

  7. Mobbed by sheep is almost as good for me as being mobbed by my goats or llamas, too. :D

    Dream always reminds me of how my ranch got it's name...




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