Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I SHOULD Have Bought A Lottery Ticket....

I was all set to write a great post, yesterday, but got stuck on a long-distance phone call for so long that I didn't have time to post! Here's what I was going to say...

I'm Gonna Buy A Lottery Ticket!

This is almost Spooky! When I logged onto my computer, yesterday morning ~ like I always do when I first get up: grab a cup of cappuccino, turn on my "Happy Light" and check my email ~ I was greeted by a wonderful surprise. I had received my very first "donation" to Bluff Country Shetlands/A Shepherds Voice! And a very generous donation at that. From a valued reader who leaves frequent comments on my blog and thoroughly entertains me with hers. I was absolutely thrilled and very grateful...

When I brought in the morning mail, I found a birthday card from my ex-husband. He sent me a check for $50.00!! Totally unexpected but very much appreciated. He's a much better ex-husband than he ever was a husband. (He's who I was on the phone with so long, yesterday)

See the jar of money in the photo on the top of this post? When I got to work, that was sitting on my desk! Apparently, I won it by being the closest guesser as to how much money was IN the jar! I guessed $18.41 and it actually contains $18.67

I was also informed that I won a $50.00 Walmart gift certificate in a sales contest that we were having.


I was planning on stopping to buy a lottery ticket on my way home from work, but by the time I get out (10pm), I was too tired to stop. The next morning, I awoke to another donation on my blog. I've GOT to buy a lottery ticket! Again, too tired to stop last night, and I'm always running so late that I don't have time to stop on my way TO work...

Today, I woke up to rain. My Internet server was having problems and I couldn't log onto the Internet. I tried and tried. They don't understand ~ I HAVE to check my email & do my Blog roll first thing in the morning! It's my ROUTINE!!!

At last, the sun is shining and I'm able to get on line. I'm posting this quick and then will go get snuggles from my sheep! Tomorrow, I'll post what I was GOING to post today...

DREAM says...
I'm moving in for my "Birthday snuggle!"


  1. Ex-husbands make a much better "FWB" (friends w/benefits)....mine gave me $50 to buy hay last week because I really hit the poor farm & he changed the oil in my mini-van:) Any little extra perks like you got help so much right now!! Good for you!!

  2. NO "Benefits" for MY Ex!!!!

  3. Have a special day. Do something special to celebrate. You deserve it!

  4. Happy Birthday!! : )

  5. I had to laugh at your "routine' When my DH is off work and he gets up and gets to the PC before I get my coffee and sit down I tell him he is ruining my ritual!! Lol Its is my morning ritual to make coffee and then check email... He cant get in the way of it or i will be Grumpy!LOL

  6. My ex husband is still waiting for me to come back to him. What's it been 12 years? He also bought me a really cute hat for Christmas. Go!

    I can't believe it's your birthday again! Didn't you just have one???? Seems like yesterday you were helping me through my first kidding season!

    I think a Birthday Hug from Dreamer would be the best present a Shepherdess could ask for!

  7. Sounds like I missed the Birthday event but I hope that you had a very happy one anyway.

    So pleased to hear you sounding cheerier and seeing a bit of luck blowing your way.

    Enjoy it, you deserve it xx



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