Monday, February 23, 2009

How all those Raisins end up in the Mineral Feeder.....

I've been wondering why I keep finding "raisins" in the mineral feeder in the big barn.

Sera (Little Red Oak Serendipity) demonstrates how this could happen by complete accident...

Sera explained that the feeder is at just the right height for a good Scratching Post!

Since I suffer from a chronic itch ~ right between my shoulder blades ~ I can relate to the need to find relief...

This does seem to be a Serious problem...
Daisy the cat says "Take it easy Sera! You're going to knock the thing right off the wall"!

Sera says...
..."But I itch!"

DREAM says...
"That's Disgusting!!"


  1. I often wonder at the dexterity of the 'raisin placers' myself...especially when the mineral feeders should be a bit too high to accomadate! Love the pix of Sera. They sure get itchy this time of year....and glad your feeder is 'hanging in there'.

  2. I wonder what my Emma (the cat) would say to a sheep? She'd probably chase it out of the apartment, itch or no itch! Cool pictures!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  3. ROTFL at Dream's comment. Oh the sheep make me laugh sometimes. Sera is a great scratcher. She looks like our dog against the sofa front!

  4. Nancy, surely you have a fence post on your property that is at the right height for a back scratch. Although based on a little comment Corinne made, I'm wondering if you might have some male FINGERS to do that job now! Do tell!

  5. Raisins !?!?!?! Heh, I always call them "Sugar Babies"...

  6. Easter's coming...don't eat the brown jelly beans!

    Oh DO make me laugh :-)

  7. You know it does not matter what height I put the mineral feeder at, I always get those raisins too!! Too funny of a post Nancy!!!

  8. I think mine balance on the edge of it no matter the height! THen leave the little presents! If i get it high enough they dont poop in it then they cant reach it! Ahhh the trials of farm life!!LOL

  9. I gave the same sorts of problems with my mineral feeders. Hang them too low, and they get filled with "raisins" and stepped in by lambs. Hang them higher, and they become back scratchers and butting toys for ram lambs. (I use plastic basins for my mineral feeders.) If I hang them even higher, then it is hard for the lambs to reach the salt.

    I just scoop out the "raisins" when they appear and add a scoop of fresh salt every weekend. That seems to keep everyone happy and not too grossed out.

  10. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Thanks, Nancy, for the funny post/pictures.

  11. What great pictures. Nothing says "bliss" than a sheep's face who is getting a good itch scratched! They can sure get 'into' the process, can't they. I had a good laugh, thanks. Your cat is too funny!

  12. That is funny! Thanks for the laugh today.



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