Friday, February 06, 2009

It's the First Friday in February...

And the weather Forcast is for temps in the Forties!!!

Linda, at Behind my Red Door shared a fun game that I decided to join in. To play, you must name 10 things that you love, beginning with a letter assigned to you buy the blog owner who's blog you saw the game on. If you want to play, mention it in my comments and I'll assign you a letter. Linda (obviously) assigned me the letter "F". So, I waited 'till Friday to play....

Without Further ado, in no particular order, I give you 10 of my Favorite things, beginning with the letter F


As anyone who has read this blog for ANY length of time knows, these animals are not livestock ~ they are my Friends.

"Flash Flood" and her brother, "Forest Fire"
were born on my little "Farm, four years ago...
How many of you remember Dream's first ewe lamb, "Fantasy"???
Of course, my sheep are not my only


My three children are, by Far the greatest gift and accomplishment of my life! Poor Ben ~ he always shuts his eyes when having his picture taken! :-)

My three Fantastic Grandsons are just the Frosting on my cake of life!
They're rather Fond of their Aunt Katie, too...


The Fleece from my Flock Feeds my Fiber Fantasies...

I love washing/carding/spinning/dying and knitting and Felting with the beautiful fleeces that my flock provides.


Four Footed


And Two-legged

My Family and Friends have

in me.
And give me the Faith to keep on keeping on...


Flowers make the world a more beautiful place.
Her name is "Flower"
I could go on
But, I'm Finally done. I hope I named 10 things. Although, somewhat time consuming, this was rather FUN!!

DREAM says...

"Mom gets a little carried away once in a while...."

Oh, Fiddlesticks, Dreamer! You're such a FLIRT!!


  1. Oooohhh, pick me, pick me!

    I want a letter!! What fun!

    I love your favorite things, and the fiber shots were wonderful - I love the crimp.

  2. The lily and the yarn are a beautiful pair. That is a wonderful color for both of them.

  3. Comment #2. I took Pia for a walk down the driveway today with Libby. She is walking correctly on that back leg and only limps if she moves quickly. She was feeling frisky, butting Libby. She walks better on a leash, thanks to you, than my cocker spaniel did.

  4. Fun Frivolity!

    I'm game, what's my letter?


  5. What a wonderful post! I truly loved the pictures of your family....those grandsons are a handsome bunch!! And yes, I believe we all need a little faith to keep going, esp. in the next 2 months of the winter blahs:)

  6. I enjoyed seeing all of your Favorite 'F' things, of which you have many! :)

    Sure! Give me a letter. Sounds like Fabulous Fun!

    PS: I've got a little something special, related to your Flock, over at my blog.....come pick it up! :)


  7. I gave Claire the letter "P" and Franna, how about you take "B. Then Lisa, if you do "K", we've used the initials of my three, wonderful children! Can't wait to see what you do with your letters!

    Lisa already posted today (Sunday) and did a great job. This really is a fun little exercise....

    Any more takers????

  8. those fleeces look REALLY nice on those two fleeces you parted in the photos...who do they belong to?

  9. That's Zaria (shaela,HST) and Flash Flood (white.

    Zaria is bred to Kimberwood Hunter this year and Flash is for sale ~ I'm keeping her daughter...

  10. The fleeces look really nice! The emsket looks kind of like Gotland.
    Cute blog post.


  11. Bravo! Well done...and such beautiful pictures!

  12. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Looking at your photos always makes me smile- thank you Nancy!

  13. Thank YOU! To all of you who leave comments ~ it makes blogging even more rewarding...

  14. You make me smile, sis!

  15. I'm running a bit behind, but I still want a letter too please! How's the sale website going???

  16. My goodness, what a bunch of lookers you have there... your own lambs are even prettier than the sheepy sort!



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