Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Call to Arms....

Thank you Tina, for sharing the link to Citizen Sam: Citizens Support America's Military.

Operation Helmetliner
The Tip of the Spear

"The focus of Operation Helmetliner is the ground troops in war zones who are at the "tip of the spear". These soldiers are serving on the front of the war on terrorism and many are in remote combat outposts located away from the usual logistic system that provides to larger forward operating bases and air fields.

Our Armed Forces at those locations have no way of purchasing items they so desperately need. If someone doesn't mail those items to them, they can't get them.

The helmet liners and scarves are only sent when there’s enough to outfit the entire unit so no one is left out.

There is no deadline for this project. Please help us by spreading the word to other crafters. Thank you! Find out more."

They actually REQUIRE that all items are knitted from WOOL because of it's superior insulating qualities and flame retardant properties.

What if everyone that reads this blog (even if it's just this ONE time!) commits to making a scarf or helmet liner? Think about it! We could help protect a whole platoon ~ or battalion ~ or whatever they're called!

If you'd like, I'd be willing to be the "gathering place" for all of the completed scarves & helmet liners so that we can mail them all in together and really see what a difference we can make when we all work together! How many do you think we could come up with in say ~ six months? If we plan on mailing in all that we complete by September first, we'll have a real goal and I'll post the results on here. What do you think????

There are lots of other projects that you can participate in at Citizen Sam. Please check them out.

DREAM says...
"We're doing our part! We're growing wool just as Fast as we can!!"

And your wool will be just perfect for a scarf and/or helmet liner for some lucky soldier/sailor/marine/airman! Thank you Dreamer!!


  1. I will sign up...are there specific patterns? I've never made a helmet liner. How long and wide do they want the scarves?????

  2. Nancy-

    I've already knit up several liners - they are very easy, and took only two days on and off - and very satisfying!

    I am working on a second bunch, and have gotten wool donations from my knitting group; especially from those women who stash, but can't do the knitting...

    Thank you for posting this - I would love to see more folks get into the project.

  3. Follow this link to the patterns...

  4. I've knitted several helmet liners, too. It's a wonderful project and a good stash buster, too! Although, I HAD to get some superwash merino to spin for the helmet liners ;-)

    Thanks for the reminder that they're still needed!
    - Franna



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