Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'd Almost Forgotten...

As hard as it may be to believe that I could have forgotten anything of significance, it is a fact.  I did almost forget about Dazzle's "moon spot"

Of course, as her fleece grew longer, the moon spot blended in with the surrounding fleece and was not noticeable, so I really didn't think about it.
Until shearing day last week...

Sure enough!  It's still there!

Dazzle's own, personal, little "Beauty Mark".
I'm not even sure  exactly what a 'moon spot' IS.  I know that a "true" spot is white.  Dazzle's moon spot is not white ~ it a lighter shade of her base fawn/mioget color.  Perhaps incomplete expression of a spot?  Or incomplete expression of the base color? 
Who knows? 

Not that it really matters anyway!  We love Dazzle just the way she is.  Although, a LITTLE less obnoxiousness  when there are cookies around wouldn't be a BAD thing...

DREAM says...

"Beauty Mark?  Pphttttt!  It looks more like a birth defect to me!  Probably from her Mom eating too many cookies!"

Obviously, it's hot and muggy in the Bluff Country again today...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Losing the War...

Sometimes, (quite often I must admit) I feel like I can't possibly get everything done around here that needs to be done.  My fences need repairing, I've got chicken coops to build and pens to clean. Thank God I was able to pay someone else to deworm and trim feet on the sheep!  I can't begin to make a dent in the GRASS that is growing like a wildfire and almost hiding the sheep in the pasture!

I normally keep it mowed so that it doesn't go to seed!
I read that it loses nutrients once it goes to seed and it's all that I feed my sheep during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about that, Mom."

I did manage to get the top of the hill pasture mowed so that Destiny could take her triplets out without danger of losing them yesterday...

Although she still kept them close to the safety of the barn.

Can't chat long today:  I've got pens to clean, mowing to do and fence-lines to treat with "Roundup".  I know ~ it's not environmentally friendly, but unless YOU want to volunteer to come over and pull the weeds and grass growing under my electric fence...

DREAM says:

"I'm doing the best I can to help you with this grass problem, Mom!"

And you're doing a fine job, Dreamer!  A fine job...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter...

I remember a few years ago, when Zodiak and Dream both gave me triplets.
This year it's Alice and Destiny!

Destiny is the lovely, 3 year old, daughter of Alice.  She surpised me yesterday with triplets when I went out to the barn in the morning.  Actually, it appears that she had the babies in the barn (that's where the placentas were) but all three were outside with their Mom when I went out for my morning visit

Just like her Mama
Destiny didn't need any help from me.

A quick check shows me two black boys with a splash of white on their heads (indicating they carry spotting)

And the sweetest, TINIEST, little dark moorit girl

Mother and lambs are doing GREAT and I hope to let them back outside for a while today.  I'll move the other "ladies in waiting" over to the side pasture so that Destiny and her trips can have the front hill to themselves.  Maybe I'll let Alice and her babies in with them.  That should make for some good photo ops!

DREAM says...

"Just think, I've got over a month to go..."

Oh, good Lord!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Dream's Happy...

We're ALL happy!

I SWEAR she knows what's going on on the Blog!

I wish you could have been here yesterday...

Dream was like a little lamb!

Running and jumping...

I laughed SO hard!

She was actually "pogo-ing"!


Poor girl,

I think she wore herself out!

DREAM says...

"It's nice to be loved"...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DREAM Says...

I'm terribly disappointed in you.
Mom said that two-hundred people visited our blog yesterday but only TWO of you took the time to leave a comment. 

And only ONE of those comments even mentioned ME...
Thank you, Shula!

You know, it's not easy getting Mom to post on this blog regularly.  Sometimes I really have to NAG her.  I've got other things I could be doing besides providing inspiration!

I'm not one to complain but
a girl could use a little recognition!

A show of appreciation wouold be nice.
I'm just sayin...

Would it hurt you to take a minute?

Oh, MY! 
I think perhaps the heat is getting to our Dreamer.
Perhaps some cookies will help...

Monday, May 24, 2010


The same ewes
as in the previous post:

Well, not quite!
 Dream was not in the previous post, but Zest (left) and Angel (white) were.
I'm not sure how Dream snuck into this photo.

Here's Zest after  shearing:

The third ewe in the "Before" post was

Of course, that  is NOT Destiny!
I don't know what's gotten into Dream.


is Destiny.
I love that photograph of Alice's beautiful daughter!

Dazzle was in the previous post as well...

That's my friend, Jean, visiting Dazzle after shearing.
Oh, oh.  I think I might know what the problem is.

DREAM says...

"I have absolutely nothing to say!"
(..."try leaving ME out of another post"...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The weatherman promised sunshine and warm temperatures.
Perfect weather for finally shearing my Shetland sheep!

I do believe the girls will be quite happy to give up their lovely locks

Or what's left of them...

"Wake me when it's over..."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it Even Possible???

How could it possibly be that my babies are already
It seems like just last week that Dazzle surprised me
 with her precious daughter
"Dixie Cup"

Dixie is a bit of a diva and doesn't believe that she needs to cuddle and snuggle with humans.  No lap lamb, this one!  Not yet, anyway...

The day after Dixie was born, Alice once again gave me triplets.
Since Alice is the "Queen" of my flock, a good friend of mine suggested the triplets should be given royal names.  Hence:

"Duke" and "Princess" (right)

The triplets will all be Musket (like Alice) and are quite friendly.  They especially like to chew on my fingers!

Chance took the "pizazz factor" up a notch with her twin, ewe lambs
"Lucky Charm" (HST) and "Serendipity"

Now, Charmer really knows how to snuggle!  Wouldn't you know, these two are already sold.

The last of the girls in the first group to lamb was Dilemma.  She  presented me with twin, HST, ram lambs.  Beautiful boys!

Pink nosed "Chrome"

and his dashing brother "Shine"

As I'm aging, I find that my eyes are not as good as they once were.  Look closely at the above photo of Chrome.  See the branch that appears to be coming out of his head?
When I was taking the pictures and looking through the viewfinder, I didn't notice it at first.  I think it was when I snapped this photo that I noticed it:

I kid you NOT ~ I thought he had impaled  himself and was most likely dead!
It was only when I put my camera down and walked up to him that I realized that Chrome was lying on a downed branch and the fork in the branch was behind his head.


I do believe that Destiny will be the next to go.

It looks like she may be having triplets!  She IS Alice's daugthter so that would not be a surprise.  Of course, I have no idea when she's due.
Perhaps I'll have a better idea after shearing, this Saturday...


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