Saturday, May 08, 2010

Meet Chance's Twins...

Chance is a beautiful, fawn, yearling ewe.  At 7:30 this morning, she gave birth to twin  ewe lambs.  It had been apparent to me that Chance was in early labor, yesterday morning.    I've pretty much gotten to the point that I don't fret (too much) over my girls when they are lambing.  But, I like to keep a close eye on the "first time Moms".

I  did my last barn check at midnight last night and it was apparent that birth was not immenent so I went to bed and didn't bother setting my alarm.  I woke up (with a little help from my dogs) at 6 o'clock this morning;  made myself a cup of cappuccino and went out to the barn to check on Chance.  Her labor had clearly intensified, but she hadn't passed the water bag yet, nor was she pushing, so I went back into the house. 

I played on the computer for a bit but was having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I decided to check on Chance again, before laying down to take a nap.  When I got back to the barn, Chance was cleaning off a striking, little, black & white, HST ewe lamb!

Chance already had the head cleaned off and was enthusiastically cleaning off her baby's slimy body.  I  sat and watched. 

I decided not to take any 'gross' pictures.

A short time later, while standing up, Chance delivered her second daughter ~ a moorit (possibly fawn) ewe lamb with bold smirslet markings  and one white anklet.

This is the point where first-time Moms can get overwhelmed and forget to care for one of the lambs.  Chance immediately turned to her second baby and started licking it.  I took advantage of the opportunity and petted the first lamb.    Chance did a wonderful job of cleaning up both of her babies so I went back to bed...



  1. Very Cute Nancy!! i wish i lived closer too you!

  2. Thanks, Mac!
    You're welcome to come visit....

  3. :) i would but my parents would NEVER bring me to MN from PA, maybe in a year il be able too drive then.

  4. Congratulations! They're really cute, too. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you and Chance!

  5. Wow, Nancy!! They are absolutely beautiful!! I second what Mac said about living closer to you!

  6. Anonymous8:12 AM


    Congrats to you, Chance, the proud Daddy! They are beautiful!!!!! It's always so fun to read your blog this time of year as there are always fun surprises with the lambing.

    Sounds like maybe you didn't make it to Shepherd's Harvest yesterday? I did not as my mom and I didn't get done with her task list until almost 4:00 pm yesterday afternoon--pretty late, so I decided to come straight home. Next year I'm keeping that Saturday clear and GOING!!!


  7. What wonderful pictures...I miss having the lambs around so much!! Happy Mothers Day to you also.



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