Sunday, May 02, 2010

Receiving Visitors...

Alice's triploets (two girls and a boy!) and Dazzle's little, darling, ewe lamb received their first visitor yesterday.

My friend and chicken coop builder, Katie W. has totally and completely fallen in love with the Shetlands (Dazzle, in particular) and just had to come see "her baby" and "her baby's baby"!

Before I moved Alice and her triplets to the paddock with the calf hut (that's the Royal lambing jug!),  I witnessed Alice introducing her newborn lambs to their sire...

I must admit, I was touched by Zorro's interest and gentleness with the lambs.

Here he is nuzzling his newborn son.

We might have a problem...

This Little Princess has stolen my heart!



  1. I'm envious - wish I were close enough to visit you and your sheep and to snuggle a little lamb!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Oh my goodness. I want to snuggle a baby lamb, too. Love the little one with the white hat on. I can see where these sweeties would tug at your heart. Amazing little creatures they are.

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I wouldn't ever get anything done around there! Those are the cutest things ever.
    I would snuggle them constantly.
    Love the pictures.
    Have a great day.

  4. I can certainly understand why the Little Princess has stolen your heart!

  5. So Alice DID have a boy as well! Well, good for variety at least :) When I read your caption about Alice "introducing" her lambs to their dad, I thought you were being romantic, but the picture proved me wrong. No wonder you love these animals, they have a lot more character than I've ben giving them credit for.
    And just as an aside; that first pic looks like it was edited by hollywood, the aquamarine sky and fluffy clouds, and a happy lady cuddling a lamb under mama-sheep's watchful eye. Absolutely beautiful

  6. Oh, there is nothing better than snorgling baby lambs!!!

  7. Anonymous8:54 PM

    That is so touching how Zorra is gentle and cares about his abies, and how Alice introduced them and trusted him with them. Is it more typically like that when the ram stays with the ewes? I think in the wild the rams protect the flock some, but I'm not sure.

    Terry, back from planting trees...

  8. Oh, too darling!!! I may just have to drag mom down for a visit after Shepherd's Harvest - if her poor knees recover enough to manage it!

  9. Good job for Alice! Dazzle has a nice looking lamb too.

  10. Nancy - they are so cute. Good work Alice and Dazzle.



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