Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DREAM Says...

I'm terribly disappointed in you.
Mom said that two-hundred people visited our blog yesterday but only TWO of you took the time to leave a comment. 

And only ONE of those comments even mentioned ME...
Thank you, Shula!

You know, it's not easy getting Mom to post on this blog regularly.  Sometimes I really have to NAG her.  I've got other things I could be doing besides providing inspiration!

I'm not one to complain but
a girl could use a little recognition!

A show of appreciation wouold be nice.
I'm just sayin...

Would it hurt you to take a minute?

Oh, MY! 
I think perhaps the heat is getting to our Dreamer.
Perhaps some cookies will help...


  1. Oh Dear. I'm so very sorry Dreamer. You are right- your Mum needs all the inspiration she can get (don't we all!), especially since she is busy with all those beautiful fleeces and cute chickens. How beautiful all you sheep look in your new hair-do's! Our shearer comes on Thursday and everyone will be so much happier....

    Dream- please have your Mum post photos of your wee babes as soon as they are born! We can't wait to see them.

  2. HELLLOOOOOOOO Dream!!!!! hee hee hee How would you like a big GOAT KISS???? hee hee Many kisses from Isobelle!

  3. Ahhh, Dreamer, I am soooo sorry! I've been feeling a little down lately and I come to the blog so you and your buddies can cheer me up with sheep pictures, but I forget that you need a little encouragement, too!!! So - thanks to you and your Mom for making me feel good every day!!!

    Nancy (sheepless in Iowa)

  4. Guilty as charged. Truth is, I often wander through when I'm awake enough to look, but too tired to string together a sentence. In the future, under those circumstances, I'll at least try to leave a "Yo!" :-)

    And this is a good reminder for all the blogs I visit, thank you. There will be lots of Yo's popping up in comments everywhere quite soon.

  5. Poor Dreamer, lost her coat and nobody notices. :(

    My girls lost their coats in April and this mum hasn't had time to go through them yet. Must get to that!

  6. We're really sorry Dreamer. It's springtime and it won't quit raining and everyone is so behind that some days we don't even get to look at blogs, much less leave any comments. We're all out here though and we still love you even if you are nekkid ;-).

  7. Ditto what the crazy sheeplady said. We love you Dreamer, but you might want to go easy on the grass there girlfriend, there's becoming more and more of you to love every day. ;)

  8. Your girls all look so good Nancy. With all our lambs on the ground now it is rather nice looking at your girls' round bellies; no worries on my part, lol, just pure "doesn't Dreamer look round?' Enjoy.

  9. Sorry Dreamer. I really loved your mom's post and your new hair cut. As I read it I even was thinking what a great blogger your mom is and how I always smile reading them. Should have said so, huh?

  10. Could it be more than the heat getting to Dreamer? In that last picture she looks like she has dropped--when is she due??

  11. In a MONTH AND A HALF!!!


  12. Hope we all remember to leave a comment - we're probably so busy enjoying and admiring your day to day adventures that we forget to actually let you know we visited.

  13. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Oh Dream... stop being such a Diva... ewe get plenty of time in the spotlight... Are ewe just whining b/c ewe are hormonal and about to have new lambs or what?? Ewe know that Mom loves ewe & that even if she takes some time with her dogs & chickens ewe are still the star of Bluff Country. :)
    PS The boys & I will bring cookies next time we come & we'll be sure to give the first one to ewe!

  14. Hi Dreamer! I visit everyday...just about. There is only so many times I can tell your mom she takes the best pictures ever, she is a total inspiration to me, and you and Alice are my favorite. But you're right it is nice to be reminded every once in a while! :)

  15. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Dreamer, I LOVE you and my fave blog posts are the ones with you in them. Can't wait to see your babies. You are the BEST! Anne

  16. I confess to lurking all the time on your blog! The new baby sheep are so cute!!! And, of course, Dreamer, I always look forward to your comments! Keep it comin'!

  17. Bravo. That was a fantastically executed guilt trip ;) Im not even sure if I was a non-commenting culprit or not... I know I commented at some point over my weekend, but my days get so confused Im not sure when! And Dream, you keep my Mama happy for a bit longer, she's got something more fun than cookies coming in the mail, and I'll be HOME soon!

  18. Sorry Dream! We look at your site everyday just hoping to see about you and the other beautiful sheep. I saw your "after" pictures the day they were posted, but was in a hurry. Anyway, keep 'em coming. I would say you look maaa-volous, but that's for goaties. Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm

  19. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Oh, Dreamer. You silly girl. You won't even give me the time of day when I come visit you, but you yell at me when I don't post.... I love you anyway you fuzzy goofball! I'm so glad we got all of you sheared last weekend... you'd have been horribly miserable if we hadn't!

    Hugs to you, the rest of the sheep, the lambs, the chickens, the dogs, the cats, and of course, the Great Sherpherdess!

    OK, no my arms are tired from all that hugging.

    Katie in WI

  20. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Awww, Dream, it must be HARD to sustain your usual vim and vigor when you're pregnant and it's SO HOT! I do appreciate your efforts to keep your mom blogging steadily...love you and love the blog and I am SO SORRY I didn't mention you in my comment yesterday! I'm a mom and I am just not in the habit of reinforcing pouting, but when it's as HOT as it was Monday, anyone pregnant, esp. with twins or triplets, has a RIGHT to pout, including you!!!

    Auntie Terry, Godiva's Human



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