Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it Even Possible???

How could it possibly be that my babies are already
It seems like just last week that Dazzle surprised me
 with her precious daughter
"Dixie Cup"

Dixie is a bit of a diva and doesn't believe that she needs to cuddle and snuggle with humans.  No lap lamb, this one!  Not yet, anyway...

The day after Dixie was born, Alice once again gave me triplets.
Since Alice is the "Queen" of my flock, a good friend of mine suggested the triplets should be given royal names.  Hence:

"Duke" and "Princess" (right)

The triplets will all be Musket (like Alice) and are quite friendly.  They especially like to chew on my fingers!

Chance took the "pizazz factor" up a notch with her twin, ewe lambs
"Lucky Charm" (HST) and "Serendipity"

Now, Charmer really knows how to snuggle!  Wouldn't you know, these two are already sold.

The last of the girls in the first group to lamb was Dilemma.  She  presented me with twin, HST, ram lambs.  Beautiful boys!

Pink nosed "Chrome"

and his dashing brother "Shine"

As I'm aging, I find that my eyes are not as good as they once were.  Look closely at the above photo of Chrome.  See the branch that appears to be coming out of his head?
When I was taking the pictures and looking through the viewfinder, I didn't notice it at first.  I think it was when I snapped this photo that I noticed it:

I kid you NOT ~ I thought he had impaled  himself and was most likely dead!
It was only when I put my camera down and walked up to him that I realized that Chrome was lying on a downed branch and the fork in the branch was behind his head.


I do believe that Destiny will be the next to go.

It looks like she may be having triplets!  She IS Alice's daugthter so that would not be a surprise.  Of course, I have no idea when she's due.
Perhaps I'll have a better idea after shearing, this Saturday...


  1. Beautiful Lambs!!!!

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Beautiful pictures Mom! :)

    Love ya!

  3. POOR DESTINY!!!!!
    Beautiful babies as always : ).

  4. Goodness, Chance really did out-do the pizazz, her babies are cookie cutter perfect, though I kind of think Duchess gives them a run for their money; the flecked cheeks are adorable!

  5. Is it even possible that I haven't visited your blog for three whole weeks?!!! Oh dear have I got some blog catching up to do. I just don't sit down at the computer very often now that it's so glorious outside and so light in the evenings. Anyway. Gorgeous lambies you've got there, as always, you must be very proud xx



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